Honey Maid Commercial Responds to Homophobes


On March 10th, Honey Maid released a commercial titled “This is Wholesome”, in which they featured an interracial, military family and a same-sex family. Of course, the Earth would stop spinning on its axis if there weren’t any homophobes who were compelled to call out the company. Thankfully for planetary alignments and the continuation of the solar system, a bunch of bigots threw a slew of homophobic remarks at the commercial. Among the loudest protesters was the painfully irrelevant, One Million Moms, who wrote:

“Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves for their latest Honey Maid and Teddy Graham cracker commercial where they attempt to normalize sin… This commercial not only promotes homosexuality, but then calls the scene in the advertisement wholesome.”

In my opinion, Nabisco had two options:

1)      Issue an apology for offending the more conservative members of society

2)      Issue a statement telling all those who were offended to go shove a graham cracker up their ass

As it turns out, they performed neither of those options, which worked out even better for us! Instead, they released another commercial, converting all the hate mail into something positive. I love this response from beginning to end, and is the most wonderful way of dealing with unnecessary hatred.


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