Michael Sam Gets Drafted by the St Louis Rams, Kisses Boyfriend Live on ESPN


Have you ever felt an enormous sense of happiness for someone that you don’t know personally, and who doesn’t even know you at all? Well, that’s how I felt when NFL Hopeful Michael Sam was drafted by the St Louis Rams.

The exact moment that he receives the news was captured on video, and it was a really emotional scene. Sam later reaches out to embrace his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano and gives him a quick tearful peck. This, and the subsequent celebratory “cake-kiss” were the kisses felt around the world, and homophobes everywhere blew their lids (but unfortunately did not drop dead from cardiac arrest). Anyway, this post isn’t about the bigots and haters, so I won’t give them any more time.

Michael Sam made history, and regardless of any bad press, he should be extremely proud of himself. After all, in all their years of homoerotic sports moments, this was probably the first actual gay event ever shown on ESPN. Seriously, though, this decision by the St Louis rams just might be a turning point for gay athletes in professional sports. Maybe a year from now when all the guys in the locker room realise that Michael Sam isn’t interested in molesting any one of them, their ignorance will abate a bit, word will spread, this moronic rapist-type view of gay athletes around naked team members will dissipate, and more gay athletes will feel increasingly comfortable to come out.

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