What Exactly is the “Gay Agenda”?


Whenever a homophobe wants to publicly justify their bigotry, the “gay agenda” is usually their go-to argument. True to form, since this Michael Sam kiss incident, this “gay agenda” nonsense has been popping up left, right and centre. It seems to be second-nature to them and they have no difficulty at all in using it. What they do seem to find difficult, is the ability to clarify what exactly this “gay agenda” is. Now, I ask, because as a young gay man who likes to remain abreast with current LGBT news, I’m somewhat disappointed and ashamed that I’ve never been able to participate in this “gay agenda”. So, please, in an attempt to satiate my curiosity, can someone please detail the objectives of this agenda?

I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own, but nothing I’ve come up with is even remotely logical, and since everyone knows that homophobes are the most logical people on the planet, none of these can be what they’re referring to, can it?

Objectives of the “gay agenda”:

  1. Visibility of LGBT people

–          While this is often the situation for which this argument is used, it cannot be the reason, right? Just because gay people don’t want to be exiled into obscurity, under the pretense that we don’t exist, doesn’t mean that we’re pushing some sinister agenda, does it? Advocates of this “gay agenda” argument can’t be suggesting that just because they don’t like homosexuals, that their beliefs should prevail and we should be silenced… or worse. Because there’s a word for that, isn’t there? What is it? Oh yeah… FASCISM.

  1. Demand to not be treated as second-class citizens

–          This one is slightly tricky in that this seems to be a particularly irksome issue for homophobes. Any request by the LGBT community to be treated respectfully and fairly almost always warrants the “gay agenda” argument by the anti-gay movement. Therefore, I’m almost tempted to believe that the homophobes really do think that this is an objective of the “gay agenda”. But I have to be wrong, haven’t I? Because – correct me if I am wrong (especially considering the fact that you aren’t exempt from paying taxes like the heterosexuals who have the privilege of doing these things) – isn’t the ability to be able to work where you want or marry the person of your choice a constitutionally-guaranteed right?

  1. Convert all the normies to the evil side of homosexuality

–          Now, this one I’m more inclined to believe is valid. Certainly, all homosexuals must be on a world-wide campaign to ensure that all heterosexuals begin batting for the other team. Except, gay people don’t go around trying to change people’s sexual orientation. Actually, homophobes are the ones who do that. Hmm, interesting. HOWEVER, if these anti-gay individuals are so against homosexuality, and sickened by the very thought of it, then wouldn’t it be pretty much impossible to ever convert them? And therefore, wouldn’t this plan by the demonic homosexuals be doomed from the very beginning? So there’s no need to worry, anti-gays… you’re safe in your orientation! Hurray!

Pic Austin Wolf and Shawn Abir via Randy Blue

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