Cristiano Ronaldo Naked on Vogue Espana Cover


In keeping up with my apparent #mancrushmonday theme (ignore the fact that it’s Tuesday), Cristiano Ronaldo appears alongside his girlfriend Irina Shayk – or rather, behind her – on the cover of Vogue Espaňa’s June 2014 issue, wearing nothing but… well, nothing. Naturally, Irina is conveniently placed in front of him in order to preserve his modesty, but since Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t be Cristiano Ronaldo without proudly showing off some part of his body, we’re still treated to a rather nice view of his chiseled body.

As they often do, Vogue released a video of some behind the scenes footage of the shoot. In the video, Yolando Sacristán, Vogue Espaňa’s director, indicated that the shoot took place in Cristiano Ronaldo’s own home, and shot by none other than celebrated photographer, Mario Testino. Sacristán describes Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk’s paired cover as “spectacular, with Mario Testino’s energy and magic.” All the photographs shown in the video truly are beautiful, as is often the case with Vogue – yes, even Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye’s photographs – and Sacristán admits that after this issue, she hopes that there’s another cover with the beautiful couple, and “very soon”. Trust me, Yolanda, as long as Cristiano Ronaldo is kept as naked as he is in this one, we all hope the very same thing.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vogue 1

Cristiano Ronaldo Vogue 2

Cristiano Ronaldo Vogue 3

Cristiano Ronaldo Vogue 4

Cristiano Ronaldo Vogue 5

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