Joe Manganiello’s “La Bare” Red Band Trailer

La Bare

Joe Manganiello, who many know as Alcide from True Blood, or Big Dick Richie from Channing Tatum’s stripper hit, Magic Mike, has stepped away from in front of the camera, for his directorial debut of La Bare. Obviously playing on the success of Magic Mike – which isn’t at all a bad thing – Joe Manganiello’s La Bare chronicles the lives of real male strippers. According to him, though, La Bare is a far more in-depth look at male strippers than we’ve seen before. He released a statement to Vulture, in which he said:

I can’t express to you how many times I’ve heard, “We’ve seen it all.” “There’s nothing new.” “Everything is recycled.” “Nothing is shocking.” Blah, blah, blah … But I guess I just never really paid attention to the chatter until I made my first feature film.

Soon after filming, there were the bands that had pulled their songs from the film despite the protests of their record label, the ban of our art/posters on bus stops and billboards due to it being too risqué … And then came the wait for the MPAA rating … And with that, the realization that I indeed had found something new, something fresh, something shocking to show the general public.

With La Bare, I had somehow sailed my way into uncharted waters and stumbled upon an island not recorded on any map … the completely misunderstood world of male entertainment.

With Magic Mike, we scratched the surface, and with La Bare, I had the opportunity to plumb the depths of this strange and provocative world hidden in plain sight.

Shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt, the film explores every level of the profession in three vivid dimensions.

I can honestly say that this is the last subject I ever imagined my directorial debut would deal with, but nonetheless, here I am, about to unleash this fascinating and unexplored subculture on the public.

Let the conversations begin …

I’m not entirely sure what elements have been added to make this film like nothing we’ve seen before, but the emotional aspect of the murdered stripper, Ruben Riguero aka Angelo does indicate that the movie won’t be all fun and sex. Joe Manganiello has a knack for capturing our attention in front of the camera; I’m certainly interested to see what he delivers as director of La Bare.

The red band trailer is below





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