Game of Thrones S04 E07 Mockingbird: Daenerys Sleeps With Daario Naharis… and I’m Not Happy About It

Michiel Huisman Butt

For those who caught last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, we were treated to the above splendour of Daario Naharis’s behind, played by Dutch actor, Michiel Huisman (he plays the character, not the behind). This post isn’t so much about Michiel Huisman’s unclothing, as it is the circumstances under which it came. Of course, I’m not complaining about the showing of a beautiful man’s equally beautiful body – I’m just not sure where I stand on this scene. Game of Thrones usually does no wrong in my eyes, but this one… I don’t know. I guess my issue really is that this scene seemed to have come out of left field for me. I readily admit that it could have been written in the books and I just forgot it, but… let’s be serious. First off, let me just say that it was a great scene between Daenerys and Daario. It was sexy, sensual, funny, and played beautifully by Emilia Clarke and Michiel Huisman. The calibre of the scene is not the issue… its existence is. For those who follow the novels, you’ll know that Daario Naharis is incredibly taken with Daenerys, and is by no means shy in his pursuit of her. While Daenerys does return the attraction, she is always careful not to show it, instead choosing to scorn him and remind him at every opportunity that she is his queen, not his equal. In this regard, yes, the show has followed the story arc of the novels. This last sex scene, however, to the best of my memory (and once again I admit that maybe I’ve just forgotten it), flies off a tangent. All throughout the scene, I sincerely believed that Dany was just toying with Daario, until she shamed him and threw him out. However, although no sex was shown, Daario’s smug statement to Jorah that Dany was “in a good mood” as he left her chambers the following morning pretty much nailed what went down – no pun intended. Now I love Dany! She is my favourite character of the novels, followed closely by Arya and Tyrion (though not always in that order). I remember quite well the times of passion that has been written about Dany. Although the series did change the earlier instances of Dany and Khal Drogo’s intimate relations into what pretty much amounted to marital rape – which wasn’t the case in the books – I suppose it did show how uncomfortable she was with constantly being taken from behind. This, of course, was the Dothraki custom since the horse-lords so admired horses that they even mimicked their mating, and Dothraki males took women “the way a stallion mounts a mare”.


Later, when Daenerys shows Drogo what love-making to her really should have been like, it was a pivotal moment, because I think that that’s when the true Khal Drogo/Khaleesi love story began.


I know all this seems like moronic rambling, but I promise I have a point. Daenerys was so in love with Drogo that when he died, she found it practically impossible to envision herself intimate with another man, despite the undeniable attraction that she felt for Daario Naharis. Now, the show doesn’t really portray this as much, but in the novels, Dany constantly thinks about Drogo… so strong was her love for him, even in death. Which now brings me to my point. There are a million other ways that Michiel Huisman could have been written in to be nude. I’ve pointed out in a previous post how HBO has often upped the sex appeal in the show, and brought several latent scenes of the books out to the forefront in the show. I suppose that this is one of those instances – again, operating under the belief that this was not originally written in the book. However, I can’t celebrate this scene like the others because, to me, it sort of downplays the conflicting emotions that Dany had over somehow betraying Drogo by going with another man. So when everything is said and done, I believe that there are two possibilities: a)      HBO totally crossed the line with this scene and ruined the premise of a beautiful love story b)      I’m an oversensitive geek who needs to chill the fuck out and enjoy the gratuitous male nudity so graciously thrown at me. Ok, yes, I already realize which one it is. I’ll now go have several seats and hang my head in shame.

Edit: A couple of readers have pointed out to me that the books do, in fact, imply a sexual encounter between the two. However, it takes part in A Dance With Dragons, much further than season four is based on… and the circumstances involved in the book and those written in this episode couldn’t be more different.

9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S04 E07 Mockingbird: Daenerys Sleeps With Daario Naharis… and I’m Not Happy About It”

  1. you are right.the execution of the scene is not what i expected.throughout the book the relation dany and daario had was equivalent of a lonely women finding comfort with a toy-boy in our twenty first century language and something which noble women and men , king and queens(widowed or sometime otherwise) used to do years ago during the middle ages and beyond.i think that is what george r r martin was trying to convey. daario might like dany but was not in love. dany could have been a old shag but he still would have done the same thing to upstart his rank and status and dany just found some comfort from him but no intimacy or passion BUT this scene makes it look like they are behaving as upcoming star-crossed lovers 😦 …me not happy with wrong sentiments potrayed (including implying in the show that khal drogo raped dany…which was not.even in the book!)


    1. I actually did see it as Dany merely using Daario for his body… I think that much came across. As for him being in love with her, I’m torn. Because I don’t think it was ever really clear in the books. There were always so many people vying for her affection that sometimes it was difficult to always know where they stood… particularly Daario. I think the only ones we knew for sure were in love with her were Drogo and Jorah.

      That said, I still don’t like the implications of the scene, and it still rankles… even all these months afterward.


      1. trust me..i understand that rankly feelings you get.daario in the books is surrounded by mystery and his motives are unclear on why he chose to declare his undying support for his QUEEN (not dany)…all those doubts and theory aside, i still think he is using dany as an opportunity to rise up in dany’s regard and have more riches and power..i books though, especially dance with dragons, dany keeps thinking about daario in her dreams as a simple couple”Daario. Her heart gave a flutter in her chest” and
        “How could I ever hope to sleep, knowing that my captain so close? ”
        i don’t know whether she is in her childish infatuation/lust with him or she is simply forgetting her “moon and stars”…because if that is it would be heartbreaking 😦

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  2. clearly you didn’t read the 5th book, daario was wounded and she invited him to her bedchamber and had her handmaids clean his wounds, after that she sent them off, leaving daario and dany inside the room:

    “Your clothes are stained with blood,” she told Daario. “Take them off.”
    “Only if you do the same.” He kissed her.
    His hair smelled of blood and smoke and horse, and his mouth was hard and hot on hers. Dany
    trembled in his arms. When they broke apart, she said, “I thought you would be the one to betray me.
    Once for blood and once for gold and once for love, the warlocks said. I thought … I never thought
    Brown Ben. Even my dragons seemed to trust him.” She clutched her captain by the shoulders. “Promise
    me that you will never turn against me. I could not bear that. Promise me.”
    “Never, my love.”
    She believed him. “I swore that I should wed Hizdahr zo Loraq if he gave me ninety days of
    peace, but now … I wanted you from the first time that I saw you, but you were a sellsword, fickle,
    treacherous. You boasted that you’d had a hundred women.”
    “A hundred?” Daario chuckled through his purple beard. “I lied, sweet queen. It was a thousand.
    But never once a dragon.”
    She raised her lips to his. “What are you waiting for?”

    – end of chapter –


    1. Another reader had already brought it to my attention, and I’d admitted that I’d probably forgotten reading it. That said, how awesome is it that you actually pasted the excerpt for me to see?! You, sir, have my admiration.

      I reread it myself, and you two are absolutely correct. However, given the circumstances written in the book, and those of the show, it’s no wonder I found it impossible to link the two! So, I think I stand by opinion that it was poorly done for the show.


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