After All This Time, We Still Haven’t Changed

Rainbow Bible 2

In the past ten years alone, we’ve had an explosion of technological advancements. Honestly, everywhere you look, you see smart phones, smart cars, smart watches – honestly, the one thing we seem to not be increasing is the number of smart people. I don’t want this to seem like I’m going off on some sort of misanthropic rant because I’m not… at least, I certainly hope that I’m not. I readily admit that there are a ton of good, kind-hearted people out there. It just seems that for every one good example of a decent person, there are half a dozen judgemental idiots in turn.

I like the ideals of Christianity. I know that a lot of people think it strange that a gay person can be Christian, but it’s really no odder than a gay person being Republican. If you ask me, it’s remarkably more understandable. The real teachings of Christianity – and trust me, all the “fundamental Christians” know absolutely nothing about this – encourage love, compassion, respect and no judgement. Of course, all these tenets are blatantly ignored in lieu of the hateful, judgemental teachings, primarily of the Old Testament, which really are nothing more than the uneducated ramblings of hypocritical, sexually-repressed old men who wouldn’t recognise Divine light if Zeus himself struck their pathetic asses with lightning.

Three thousand years ago, these men were against homosexuals, powerful women, and any individual who didn’t conform to gender stereotypes. Mind you, I’d be quick to forgive them their narrow-mindedness. After all, these are the same men who believed that the Earth was flat and the centre of the Universe, and had no idea that dinosaurs existed because they believed that humans were brought-to-life clay men who were created on the sixth day of the creation of the world. Really, if anyone deserved pity and forgiveness, it should be these archaic men who were so under-educated about the realities of this world that they had little choice but to categorise everything as either “Divine” or “evil”, where, obviously, anything which didn’t seem to fit the social mould would instantly be labelled “evil”.

But, today, we know better! We know TONS better! We know a shit-load of information more than Scripture-writers did! So, what the hell is our excuse? Why, with all the amazing strides that we’ve made in all these years, all the knowledge that we’ve gained and continue to gain, that people still refuse to unsubscribe to the hateful, hurtful ideology of these long-dead men? What is it going to take for us to stop judging people for things that we now know today are not dangerous, or evil, or sicknesses? When will the homophobia end? When will we accept transgender people for who they are? When will sexism no longer be an issue? When will the colour of your skin cease to be a deciding factor of your character?

We’re constantly on the lookout for improvements… for the next best thing – and, inevitably, it always comes. However, isn’t it about time that we start looking for those improvements from humanity… from within ourselves? It seems like everything is going to evolve around us while our outdated and prejudice-filled minds remain the same. But why is that? Is it that our minds are incapable of changing, or are we just too dumbshit stupid to admit that the crap that we’ve been taught for the past three thousand plus years is nothing more than ignorant bullshit?

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