X-Men: Days of Future Past: My Unsolicited Review


X-Men: Days of Future Past was officially released on Friday, and as a solid X-Men fan, I would have felt like a complete traitor to the cause had I not gone to see it right then. I’m so super happy that I did, because it was AMAZING. I didn’t doubt that it would be, but in all honesty I was a bit relieved that it was leagues better than the last one in the franchise. Let’s just be honest, The Wolverine pretty much sucked balls. If you haven’t gone to see Days of Future Past yet, I highly encourage you to do so, for various reasons.



While it certainly isn’t Jackman’s first nude scene, it is arguably one of his best. He briefly bared his bum years ago in Someone Like You but it was such a quick, dark scene that it hardly counts. He went full commando again some years later in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and it was for a significantly longer period than this newest one, but it was in a wild, gruesome scene and he kept running all over the lab, so it lost points for appreciation. In Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman once again goes sans clothes and, although the scene is short, it is well-lit and more than comfortable to watch.

Even if Hugh Jackman had won an ill-fitting parka, oversized track pants, and old Crocs throughout the entire film, this movie would have still been spectacular… well, maybe not if he had worn Crocs. Crocs ruin everything. But let’s move on! One of the things that I loved most about this movie is the amazing continuity of the script. I mean, holy hell, I was blown away! This movie employed aspects of pretty much every X-Men movie in the franchise. For hardcore fans like me, you’d even appreciate references from the animated series, X-Men: Evolution. I am, and always have been, a sucker for flawless continuity, and the continuity displayed in this movie was beyond impressive.

Another selling point of Days of Future Past was the liberal use of special effects when it came to the showing of mutant powers. Again, I have to compare it to The Wolverine, which was a more character-driven movie, and therefore not as generous in its employment of different mutant powers. I mean, I understand that concept, but I think I speak for X-Men fans everywhere when I say that we don’t flock to an X-Men movie for character development. Seriously, The Wolverine was pretty much the story of a man who couldn’t age, running around a foreign city, causing havoc. Add a withering, decaying photograph in an attic somewhere, and you’d pretty much have the same concept of Dorian Gray. However, in Days of Future Past – particularly in the scenes of the future – mutant powers ran rampant and I was in fanboy heaven!

As usual, the acting all around was impeccable. Two of my favourites – Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy – did not fail to deliver, and while I pretty much hated James McAvoy’s character of Professor Xavier in this movie, it was truly his superb acting which led me to hate the character’s portrayal. I don’t think that made as much sense on paper as it did in my head, but bear with me, please. *possible spoiler!!*Furthermore, every single lovable character of the X-Men was, at some point or another, featured in this movie, and I could not have been happier.

The only real downsides to this movie were the portrayal of James McAvoy’s Professor X, like I mentioned earlier. Honestly, I understood the need to have him appear this way, but this portrayal was so unlike the Professor X that we’ve come to see that it was a bit jarring for me. Also, I think we were robbed by not having more air-time of Evan Peter’s Quicksilver. This character was amazingly hilarious and Evan Peters delivered like he always does!

If you haven’t gone to see Days of Future Past as yet, try to rectify this as soon as possible. And here’s a little hint for you: stay til the very end of the credits, because there’s an extra scene put there. It’s incredibly short – probably less than a minute – and it will probably fly right over the heads of non X-Men fans. However, if you are a fan, particularly of the X-Men: Evolution series, the excitement that this scene induces just might make you pee your pants.

2 thoughts on “X-Men: Days of Future Past: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. Exciting, strange, original, thrilling, dramatic, impressive and alot of fun, all at the same time. This is easily the best X-men film to date thanks to superb casting, great script and the return of Bryan Singer.


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