O-Town Skydives Back Into My Life With Comeback


After a 10-year hiatus, Florida-founded boy band, O-Town has released their comeback track, entitled Skydive. Thinking that O-Town haven’t released music in 10 years makes me realise just how young I was in my O-Town-obsessed days. Seriously, I remember being glued to my television screen, watching episode after episode of the original Making the Band. And I was so in love with Jacob Underwood – back when he had his short Justin Timberlake-like N*Sync era hair and not the awful crap he decided to grow out. (Side note #1: Dan Miller in my opinion was always the least attractive of the bunch, but these past ten years have evidently been the kindest to him, because holy hell, I so would!)

Despite my love of the group, I don’t remember the disbanding ever really having affected me that deeply. I guess by that time, I was heading well into my teenage years, and I had too much irrelevant shit on my mind to really focus on it. This comeback, though, does bring back waves of nostalgia. It’s interesting to note that, this time around, O-Town is sans Ashley Parker Angel, who was really the lead singer of the band back then, and had gone on to launch a solo career. (Side note #2: even after 10 years, I didn’t have to google Dan, Jacob’s or Ashley’s full names… actually, I don’t have to google any member of the band’s name at all – I don’t know if I should be proud or profoundly depressed.)

Anyicannotmakemyheartnotlovewhoitloves, the song Skydive is alright. I mean, it’s better than “alright” but not the best that they’ve released. It grew on me by the second listen. At this point, I have no idea how the song’s going to do on the charts but, whatever. O-Town is back, and right now, that’s really all I care about.

Pic Billboard

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