Matt Bomer Discusses Magic Mike 2 With Ellen

Since the premiere of HBO’s The Normal Heart, I think I’ve been on a Matt-Bomer obsession overdrive! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been not-so-secretly in love with him since he made that cameo on Glee as Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson. Then, of course, his stint on Magic Mike made my pulse quicken… and not necessarily in my chest. However, The Normal Heart just shot that up ten-fold. I mean, the man is so gorgeous that sometimes it physically hurts to look at him. More than that, though, he’s actually a really nice person, according to others like Zachary Levi.

Yesterday, Matt Bomer was one of the guests on Ellen, and spoke with Ellen Degeneres about the proposed plot of the overly highly anticipated sequel to Magic Mike. I’d already heard Channing Tatum speak about the road trip aspect of the new film, but if Matt Bomer is being serious, there’s apparently also a stripper convention involved. A stripper convention?! Really?! I honestly cannot with that plot… but that’s still not gonna stop me from hopping on over to the movies the second it comes out.

Anymythirstiscreepingmeout, in typical Ellen Degeneres fashion, the terrifically hilarious host bestowed a few choice gifts on Matt Bomer at the end of his segment. Since his Magic Mike 2 costumes were likely not yet selected, Ellen thought that she might help in that department, and presented a few sexterical stripper costumes and suggested that he tweeted out a picture of himself in at least one of them. (Side note: sexterical = sexy + hysterical. I know it makes no sense, but I like the way it sounded in my head so I’m going to use it!). Matt Bomer’s reaction to the underwear was hilarious, charming and adorable all at the same time.

No offense at all to Ellen, but here’s hoping that none of those costumes ever see the light of day again. I mean, can you imagine Matt Bomer doing this to you (or your face) in a clown-inspired thong?


Except, you know, if clowns are your thing. In which case, I apologise and I’ll shut up, and leave you to enjoy the delicious Mr Bomer however you deem appropriate.


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