Jamie Dornan Doesn’t Like His Physique

Jamie Dornan Interview 2

British actor, Jamie Dornan, appears in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Before I really start off, can I just say that he’s giving me major Henry Cavill vibes in these pictures? Which is a good thing since I think that Henry Cavill is one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood. In the magazine, Jamie discusses some of his previous roles, and his difficulty in finding work before landing the highly-discussed role of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation of the hard core porn soft core novels, 50 Shades of Grey.

I’ve never read the 50 Shades novels and I probably never will but, as an avid reader, I can definitely appreciate the intense love that fans of the books may feel. As you may recall, Charlie Hunnam had first been given the role but, because of whining soccer moms complaints from fans that he was too ugly not suited for the role, Charlie Hunnam gave up the role, using the age-old excuse of “conflicting schedules”. I don’t know what these people were talking about because I think that Charlie Hunnam is a thick, hunking slab of sexy, but I guess that’s why I’m not a 50 Shades­ fan. Since Jamie Dornan is a more quintessential example of the accepted standards of male beauty, you’d think that these fans would now be satisfied, but some of them still have an issue with the casting. To be quite frank, I believe that until this movie comes out and some of these women get at least one orgasm from the inevitable sex scenes, we’re going to be hearing them gripe about the casting choices without stop.

In the article, Jamie also briefly discusses his opinion on his body, and that’s really what caught my attention. I suppose since he’s probably going to spend three quarters of his screen time walking around a sex room naked and covered in whipped cream (that is what 50 Shades is about, isn’t it?), the conversation turned towards his figure and he revealed:

I don’t like my physique. Who does? I was a skinny guy growing up, and I still feel like that same skinny kid.

See that? I think that that’s amazing. I can absolutely relate to this. I’ve always been skinny and no matter how much I grow and how much my body changes, I always see myself as that skinny kid. The crappy thing is, I know that I’ve got a body that millions of guys would kill for, and I have to constantly keep reminding myself of that. But, I shouldn’t have to! I shouldn’t have to try to convince myself of my body’s worth; I should be more than comfortable within myself. Jamie Dornan has a body that right now I can only dream of, and even he has issues with his physique. How much worse is it, therefore, for those people out there who have bodies that the media and our society in general make feel like crap? So much of our self-worth is tied into our physical appearance, it’s crazy. Having a few extra pounds around our middle doesn’t make us a bad person any more than a lack of muscle tone makes us inadequate. How about, starting now, we learn to love ourselves a little more every day, appreciating who we are and what we look like?

Jamie Dornan Interview 4

Jamie Dornan Interview 3

Jamie Dornan Interview 5

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