Bradley Cooper In Shorts Is Simultaneously Hilarious & Sexy

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 1

Bradley Cooper is an incredibly good-looking man, and while he may not exactly be my cup of tea, I won’t diminish the fact that he is quite beautiful. While filming his latest movie, American Sniper, which is directed by Clint Eastwood, and in which Cooper plays Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle, he was photographed in a pair of skimpy tan shorts, which emphasises pretty much every inch of his thighs and legs. Earlier in the year, Bradley Cooper revealed to Ellen Degeneres that he’d gained 40 pounds for the role. Most websites credit this weight gain as muscle, but I’m not entire sure that that’s 100% muscle. If it is, then good for Bradley, because putting on even one pound of muscle is a pain-in-the-ass ordeal, so far less what packing on forty must have been like. I, personally, am not very fond of Bradley Cooper’s new look for the movie, but I do absolutely commend his dedication to the role. Here’s hoping he sheds it once filming is done – but, if he doesn’t, we can always hope that he continues wearing those short shorts to keep us aroused distracted.

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 3

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 4

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 5

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 7

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 6

Bradley Cooper in Shorts 2

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