HBO’s “Looking” Is Still A Great Show (Part 1)

Looking Patrick & Richie Cute

Note: this is a pretty GIF-heavy post, so im only going to display the preview on the home page out of consideration for some viewers’ browser and network speed.

Since the season finale of HBO’s Looking, I haven’t once gone back to watch a single episode. Last night, I decided to remedy that, by binge watching half of the episodes. I’m thrilled to realise that, just like the first time I watched it, the show is still amazing to me. During its airing, there was a lot of criticism levelled at it that it was too “boring and slow”. I don’t think that it was boring at all… slow paced, sure I’ll admit to that. But I loved that about it. I loved that the show was very character-driven, and that we were given a chance to get to know the individual characters – their stories, their strengths, and their many imperfections. This detailed portrayal of each character made the show more realistic, and that much more enjoyable. I’m really not sure what those critics were expecting. Just because it was a gay drama, the show was supposed to have been chock-full of non-stop clubbing, orgies and catfights? Hello, been there… done that… let’s put Brian Kinney to rest.

HBO has already promised that season two will feature ten episodes – 2 more than they short-changed us with in the first season. I hope that the show continues with their character-driven premise. I suppose since we are more familiar with the characters, quicker pacing of the show won’t necessarily be a bad thing. I just don’t want it to turn into this soulless, puff crapfest that so many viewers seem to want it to be.

As is my custom, I’m bringing my thoughts in GIF format so that you may enjoy along with me. Since I’ve only gotten through with the first four episodes so far, I’ll stop there and bring you the final four when I’m done re-watching them. For your pleasure, I present some of what I believe to be the best (and hottest) moments of Looking.










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