Ed Sheeran Covers Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Ed Sheeran Sam Smith Blend

For those of you who have never had the joy of experiencing the great incomparable pleasure of a musicgasm, I truly hope that you have it someday; there is absolutely nothing like it. I mean, holy hell! Wasn’t it only less than two weeks ago that I was speaking about Sam Smith possibly turning into my next Ed Sheeran love interest/obsession/affair (all in my head of course). I was literally avoiding listening to more than a couple of Sam Smith songs just to avoid this outcome. Of course, since I’m evidently a glutton for beautiful musical punishment, a few nights ago I spent a solid hour or so binge-listening to Sam Smith. And, predictably, I began to feel the love blossom.

So, I now have two British soul crooners with whom I am obsessed! Now, individually, I should be able to manage them, no problem. When these two forces combine, however, I’m less convinced that I’m able to stand strong and not weep like a five year old girl who has inherited an ice-cream empire. This really isn’t a hypothetical situation anymore… I’ve had it tested. In an apparent move to drive me into musical insanity, Ed Sheeran decided to cover Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. A few days ago, a video was uploaded onto Sam Smith’s YouTube VEVO of him singing a duet of this same song with Mary J Blige. Mary J can sing every chapter of 50 Shades of Grey and I’d listen with rapt attention, so her cover of such a great song was everything you’d imagine it to be. However, even then, I was able to manage to hold strong throughout that version, so when I saw Ed Sheeran’s cover – though I died a little inside, then resurrected just to die again – I became cocky and thought that I would be able to handle his version just as well. Let me tell you, my body was not ready for this cover, and it’s still convulsing from pleasure.

Mind you, this is what happens to me for a COVER. Can you imagine the mess I’d be in if Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith were to do a collaboration?! Oh God, please excuse me while I go pass out from the sheer intensity of the thought.

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