How Is It That I’ve Never Heard Of Da Man Magazine?!

Booboo Stewart Shirtless Da Man

This is definitely a most valuable discovery that I made today. Seriously, I’m going through their archives, and this magazine has features – and brilliant photographs – of some of my favourites. They have featured Shawn Ashmore (Bobby “Iceman” Drake from the X-Men franchise), Shane West (A Walk To Remember), Jacob Artist (Jake from Glee), among others. But I totally lost it when I caught sight of the feature of Dylan O’Brien (Stiles from Teen Wolf, aka the best character in the entire series). Honestly, why am I only learning of this magazine today? Ok, I literally just did some quick research and realised that it’s actually a south-east Asian publication, probably Indonesian to be exact. Still, though, it’s hardly closer to us than Spain, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Vogue España cover was plastered all over the internet.

Anyicantgetoverthisjustyet, Da Man’s latest feature is of Booboo Stewart, the 20 year old hottie who played Seth Clearwater in the Twilight films, and recently appeared as Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It isn’t the most in-depth of interviews, and it clearly reads as an article intended for a young demographic (hopefully even younger than me, because I’d be insulted if anyone thought that that was my level of intellect), but this does make it a light read, intended mostly for a superficial understanding of their featured celebrity.

If you’re sadly like me and had never heard of Da Man before today, I suggest that you head on over because, chances are, they’d have covered one of your favourites (possibly in delicious designer outfits, which you’d be crazy to not be into).

Shawn Ashmore

Dylan O'Brien

Shane West

Jacob Artist

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