HBO’s “Looking” Is Still A Great Show (Part 2)


Note: this is a pretty GIF-heavy post, so im only going to display the preview on the home page out of consideration for some viewers’ browser and network speed.

As promised, I’ve gotten through re-watching the final four episodes of season one of HBO’s amazing gay-themed drama, Looking. After doing so, I must reiterate with a boatload of more emphasis, how thrilled I am that this show was so character-driven. The writers of the show are absolutely incredible, and Looking is an example of how engaging a show can be when the characters are well thought out. There was no pretence of a “perfect” character, or a character who is always in possession of the most fitting witty response. While those types of characters are great in their respective settings, they aren’t exactly realistic… at least, they don’t truly reflect anyone in my reality. The perfectly flawed characters of Looking represent, far more accurately, the average person – gay or straight – and I suppose that that is why it is so easy to identify with them and, therefore, love or hate them in turn. I once mentioned that, despite so many people calling Looking the gay Girls, I never really agreed. Instead, Looking feels very much to me like a darkened Sex and the City, with Patrick and Richie’s relationship being very Carrie/Mr Big-ish. Just like in SATC, where Carrie and Big met in the premiere episode under cute and funny conditions, Looking’s Patrick and Richie’s train encounter elicited this charming, feel-good sensation.


In both shows, this relationship progressed despite the major personality differences of the individuals involved, yet in such a way that I couldn’t help but root for them. Therefore, I was expecting that, like with SATC, Patrick and Richie would break up in the final episode… I wasn’t disappointed. Fans of SATC (which was a remarkable show in every perceivable way, I might add) would know that the relationship between Carrie and Big was a highly tumultuous one, constantly on and off, and we never knew where it would head. Despite various other love interests throughout the series for both Carrie and Big, this central relationship was never really finished with. If Looking were to take that direction with Patrick and Richie, I honestly wouldn’t be against it. It might be quite a bit for my poor heart to take, but I think that it would make for an addictive storyline. (Fun Fact: Murray Bartlett, who plays Dom in Looking, guest starred in what I always considered to be the gayest episode of SATC, entitled “All That Glitters”).Regardless of the direction that the writers of Looking take, I will remain loyal… provided that they never write off Scott Bakula, because then that would be a deal breaker. I’m sorry but that man is sex on legs.










5 thoughts on “HBO’s “Looking” Is Still A Great Show (Part 2)”

  1. Scott Bakula, “That man is sex on legs.” I agree 100%! I wouldn’t be watching the show if he wasn’t in it.


  2. I just ‘pray’ that Pat doesn’t end up with Kevin (He’s a jerk), even though logic seems to pounce on this to ensue.

    It will absolutely ‘kill’ me to know that Pat and Richie ain’t able to make it out; I do not want Pat to get along with a guy who belongs to the same society as he does; I want things to be different, that Pat and Richie are able to get to understand each other, and they really give it a try, than just parting away due to the obvious differences.

    Right in the country I am in, gay guys tend to avoid people whom they deem as being ‘under’ them in the social hierarchy picture; even though education matters a lot, but hey! Are we only going to talk about ‘College’ life while being in a relationship?

    Enough of my rant.

    And! The final scene, wherein, Richie confides in Pat, that he is this close to fall in love with Pat, and that he’s not going to do it to himself – eventually did kill me, :p


    1. Aww, it’s cute that you’re rooting so much for them.

      First off, I don’t think that Kevin is a jerk per se. Sometimes, it’s an impossible thing to deal with, loving two people at the same time. I’m not making excuses for what he did with Patrick… I’m just giving another perspective. Do I think he’s wrong for sleeping with Patrick while he has a boyfriend? Absolutely! But that makes him a cheater… not a jerk.

      Secondly, I mentioned in one of the two posts that “Looking” reminds me of “Sex and the City”, especially with Richie and Patrick’s”s relationship. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Sex and the City, but two of the characters (Carrie and Mr Big) had an on-off relationship for all seven seasons of the show, and I wondered whether Patrick and Richie’s relationship would have been similar. Turns out that I might have been on to something. I’d hate to disappoint you but, as it stands, Richie has a new boyfriend in the new season. Casting news has announced that he will have a new redheaded love interest. It should make for an interesting season…

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