The Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo Trailer Is Here

Teen Wolf

Holy hell! My body was not ready for that trailer! I think the most brilliant thing that MTV could have done was split the third season of Teen Wolf into two parts, and air them a few months apart. I say that because it seems like no time at all ago that Part B of the hit series ended, and we’re already being introduced to the premiere of season 4. The worst part about the season finale of any show is the agonising wait until the premiere of the following season the next year (unless that show in question is Dancing With The Stars or The Bachelor(ette) because ABC has found a way to crank out consecutive seasons of these shows far more often than is really necessary). However, MTV seemed to have found the secret to navigating around this little fan-felt problem, as the show is returning in record time.

Before I really get into the trailer, I just want to say how sad it is that Allison won’t be returning this season. Crystal Reed was an amazing actress, and an invaluable member of the ensemble. While I understand her desire to try her hand at other projects, she will nonetheless be truly missed. Other than her departure, the rest of the cast seems to be returning, and that’s excellent! Even the role of Kira (Arden Cho) is being reprised, which is also nice to see. Just as we’d found out at the end of season three, Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) is returning as a werewolfpantherjaguarsomething, and since not even death or a full species transformation was enough to change her personality, she’s right back to causing a whole lot of chaos.

So far, we’re already seeing the introduction of at least one new character. Other than the fact that Stiles (*swoon*) thinks he’s a werecheetah, and guys think he’s hott, we don’t really know anything about him. I suspect that he’s Danny’s (Keahu Kahuanui) newest love interest. As you’ll recall, SPOILER Danny’s ex, Ethan (Charlie Carver), left at the end of last season after the death of his twin brother, Aiden (Max Carver). That entire situation sucked major balls, and I was sad to see the twins leave, but if this new werecheetah (does that even exist? Is that a thing?) really is Danny’s newest love interest, then we’re finally going to see Danny immersed in the supernatural aspects of the show. I’d already seen an interview that implied that the writers were planning on bringing Danny in that direction anyway, and the last season finale sort of hinted at this premise when Danny shockingly, yet brazenly, revealed to Ethan that he’d known all along (or at least for some time) that Ethan was a werewolf. His excuse: “it’s Beacon Hills”. Danny could not have been any more awesome in that moment.

Finally, we also see the return of Chris Argent (JR Bourne). Quite a few viewers were left dubious about his future status on the show, considering that both his wife and Allison were now dead. But since his sister, Kate, has returned, wreaking the aforementioned chaos, his presence is more than justified. Kudos to the writers on that stroke of genius. Scott, obviously has returned. So has Melissa, Derek, Peter and Malia. I didn’t see Isaac, which is not a good sign at all, but I’m trying to not let that get to me.

I think I’m happiest to see Lydia (Holland Roden) return. After Stiles, she’s my favourite character of the show, and I love the mystery and worth of her powers. However, I’m really hoping that her powers are explored more thoroughly this season. Last season… I just don’t know. The storyline with her powers started off pretty strong, and it seemed that the show was really going to delve into it, but after the episode of Stile’s first foray into his sleepwalking dream misadventures, when she thought that she’d been wrong about him being in the mental institution, that story arc sort of just fizzled. It didn’t disappear entirely; it just didn’t develop as much as I thought that it would have. This, season, therefore, I’m hoping that the writers give us a better insight into the evolution of her banshee/psychic abilities. Honestly, I’d be far more interested in that than I would be in this “Who is the benefactor” rubbish they’re trying to make happen this season.

I’m not even going to go into anything about Stiles, because I’ll never stop writing. Let’s just say I’m all tingly to see him again. And, I mean, I’m happy to see Scott also. But is it just me, or was Scott really just not that interesting last season? I understood that Stiles was really the focus of last season, but Scott seemed more like an extra than the show’s lead, to be honest. Hang on. I just realised that, like Isaac, I didn’t see Deaton (Seth Gilliam) either. Seth Gilliam was recently cast in The Walking Dead, so I don’t know what that means for his character, Dr Deaton, but I hope that he returns… at least sporadically. He probably rounds out my top three favourite characters.

I am super excited for this new season, in case that wasn’t already clear from my previous rambling. Game of Thrones is ending soon, so this is just one way of alleviating that inevitable depression, and it should be super effective. The new season of Teen Wolf premieres on Monday, June 23rd. Allow me to remind you all that the Sunday, June 22nd, HBO airs the first episode of the final season 7 of True Blood. Needless to say, that’s gonna be a wonderful TV week.

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