It’s A Great Thing When Major Companies Support Equality

Honey Maid Equality
Courtesy Honey Maid

Speaking of Pride, isn’t it amazing that even the White House has officially recognised June as LGBT Pride month? Say what you will about the Obama administration, they haven’t exactly shied away from publicly supporting LGBT causes, big or small. I mean, they’ve repealed DADT, struck down DOMA, allowed same-sex couples equal rights to hospital visits, endorsed same-sex couples on Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, and now this Pride month recognition. Way to go, President Obama… way to go.

The White House isn’t the only one supporting equality during Pride month. Remember just a few years ago when all those big-name corporations were donating obscenely large amounts of money in support of Prop 8 (you know because that was a much better use of funds than say, feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, rescuing abandoned animals or supporting abused women). Then, of course, there’d been this huge ruckus between Chick-Fil-A and the LGBT community, leading to a national boycott of the fast-food restaurant. Really, it had seemed like there’d been no shortage of corporate entities rushing to preserve their pristine image in the eyes of holders of “traditional family values”.

Flash forward today, and, while anti-gay CEOs of huge companies still exist – shout out to you, Mozilla – there seem to be more big-name businesses actually lending support to the LGBT community. A couple of months back, Honey Maid became a viral sensation after their beautiful response to homophobic comments on one of their commercials. Today, the company is once again showing its support (and clever marketing ploys) with a picture of two graham crackers in the equality sign. The picture is their Facebook profile image as we speak. Whole grain is apparently a great friend to the gay community, because, like Honey Maid, Lucky Charms has also launched a supportive campaign on Twitter, titled #luckytobe. This means all the more to me since Lucky Charms is one of the most delicious cereals out there.

Lucky Charms Lucky To Be
Courtesy Lucky Charms

I just think that it’s wonderful that these companies are refusing to back down to anti-gay groups – ‘sup One Million Moms? – and showing support to diversity not only for their consumers, but also for their very employees, because certainly there must be LGBT employees at these companies. We’ve no doubt got a very long way to go in terms of gaining universal acceptance, but instances like these definitely give me hope.

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