“Kisses” Protests India’s Criminalisation of Homosexuality With Homosexual Kisses

Kisses Cover

Homophobia and stupidity go hand in hand. Just like racism, as much as it may be reduced in visibility, I don’t think it’s ever really going to go away, and it’s something that LGBT individuals are always going to face. Of course, the natural instinct for someone facing hate and anger would be to return the sentiment two-fold. However, adding negativity to negativity will only increase negativity. It’s how it works in math, and how it works in life. Sometimes, as hard as it may be to figuratively turn the other cheek, the best response to homophobia is love.

Operating under this very same mentality, Grapefruit Productions recently released an awesome video in response to India’s barbaric criminalisation of same-sex intercourse and marriage. This law had already been in place, but had been overturned in 2009, marking an era of same-sex equality, though evidently incredibly short-lived. In December of last year, India’s High Court once again made it illegal, though their pathetic defence was that “Section 377” – (the sodomy law – “… does not criminalize a particular people or identity or orientation. It merely identifies certain acts which if committed would constitute an offense”. In other words, it’s totally fine to be gay and love someone else who’s gay, but God forbid the two of you physically or legally express that love. When are we going to have a law which says that it’s totally fine to be stupid and be an asshole, but God should forbid you to express your stupidity and assholeyness in public legislature?

While the ruling has, obviously and expectedly, angered many people, who have publicly criticised the law as setting back LGBT rights 100 years, “Kisses” the video by Grapefruit Productions, mounts a protest of this blatant homophobia by filming several same-sex couples kissing. Of course, the video won’t do very much at all in having the law or even the government’s mind changed, but it does unapologetically show that, despite the evident desire to send gay Indians scrambling into darkness, they’ll keep living and loving as much as they can!

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