WWE Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out

Pat Patterson Comes Out

I haven’t watched anything WWE-related in years because, you know, I’m not a 10 year old boy. But every now and then, something comes out of that industry which reminds me that the people involved are not only overly-dramatic bad actors with a penchant for teeny tiny underwear… they’re actual, real people.

Former professional wrestler, and current WWE creative consultant, Pat Patterson (born Pierre Clermont) inspired this most recent realisation. On the finale of the WWE’S Legends House, Patterson publicly revealed for the first time that he is gay. During a really emotional lunch event with some of his wrestling buddies – seriously, they’re real people – Patterson tearfully spoke about the struggles that he’s overcome in the industry as a gay man. More heartbreakingly, he speaks about his partner with whom he’d been for 40 years, and who passed away from a heart attack.

How amazing is it that two people – gay or straight – are able to be with each other for 40 years? But how awful is it that only a gay couple would have to hide it? And can you imagine having to mourn the passing of the 40 year-long love of your life completely in secret? It’s situations like these which make me so happy that more individuals – gay and straight allies – are fighting for more tolerance, because it makes me believe that the kids now will probably not have to endure what Pat Patterson had to.

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