HBO’s The Leftovers Can Count Me In

HBO The Leftovers Poster

After last night’s amazing Game of Thrones finale, I finally took a look at the trailer of HBO’s new series, The Leftovers, starring Justin Theroux. First off, can I just say that it’s been years since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle came out, and yet whenever I see Justin Theroux, the only thing I can picture is this.

Anythetypecaststruggleisreal, from what I gather from the trailer, the premise of The Leftovers seems to be that millions of people all around the world suddenly vanished, and those who’ve remained are struggling to cope while they fight for answers. This show is very reminiscent of the best-selling Left Behind series of novels, based on the Biblical prophecy known as “the Rapture”, where all the good, worthy people of the Earth are suddenly taken to Heaven, while the unworthy remain here.

I was obsessed with those books as a teenager, and as Christian adolescent, I lived every single day so that I could be ready for the Rapture when it finally took place. When you really think about it, this was a really frightening mentality, and religion really has a way of messing with people’s heads. Yet at the same time, I honestly credit these novels to being instrumental in my personality today. From then, all those years ago, I tried to be as kind to people as I could, I lived as positively as possible, and to this day I try to keep this up and improve on it whenever and however I can.

Naturally, since this is HBO, I won’t expect the uber-Christian tones in The Leftovers that were present in Left Behind. However, that isn’t a bad thing at all, because it will add to the complexity of the story, and give it an edge of realness that, unfortunately, purely Biblical narratives lack. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to the premiere of this show, if for no other reason than to finally start seeing Justin Theroux differently.

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