Marriage Under Attack

Marriage Equality Toppers

There’s been a bit of conflict (to put it mildly) recently between the LGBT community and the anti-gay movement, surrounding NOM’s ridiculous and insulting March for Marriage. For those who may not know, NOM (National Organization for Marriage) is a vehemently homophobic group which swears on the sun and stars that all social ills are the result of same-sex marriages. In this “March for Marriage”, NOM was able to secure the participation of San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Many groups and individuals reached out to Archbishop Cordileone, urging him to rescind his involvement in this march; one such individual was former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. However, the Archbishop ignored the pleas, arguing that the march was not “anti-anyone or anti-anything”, which is the most pathetic lie imaginable – if the march was specifically orchestrated to extol the validity of marriage solely “between one man and one woman” then it is, by its very nature, anti-gay… there’s kinda no two ways about it.

Demonstrating the most tolerant Christian love possible, former NOM Communications Director, Thomas Peters, suggests that the best way to respond to Nancy Pelosi is to excommunicate her from the Church. I’m telling you, this would be funny if it weren’t so disgusting.


According to Peters:

The gall of this woman is unbelievable. And what she and dozens of politicians are doing by publicly demanding that the archbishop withdraw from the event should anger us. Because if the church is our family, we need to respond when our family is under attack.

This is the part that really stuck with me: “our family is under attack”. Anti-gay conservatives seem to be using this phrase a lot these days. It appears that everything dear to them is suddenly “under attack”. Their religion is “under attack”; their religious freedom is “under attack”; their families are “under attack”; and most importantly, their traditional marriages are “under attack”. I’m really at a loss to how this is even remotely true. After all, demanding that someone apply their religious beliefs to their lives only and keep them out of the lives of strangers seems to be a reasonable enough request to me… but I admit that I could be wrong (though I’m pretty sure that I’m not).

California’s Proposition 8 hearing was, arguably, one of the biggest milestones in the fight for equality in the United States in recent memory. Before same-sex marriage was granted in California, it had only been legal in 8 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maine and Washington). Since that landmark ruling, the number of states which allow same-sex marriages has risen to 19, so that it now includes California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Illinois, Oregon and Pennsylvania. During all this legalizing of same-sex marriages, traditional marriages in those states have not suffered at all… really, they haven’t been affected in any way. No rights were reduced for heterosexual married couples, no restrictions were placed on them and new taxes were not implemented on them – in short, having same-sex couples able to marry had no effect whatsoever on their straight counterparts who’d already been married or who were planning on getting married. As far as I know, there is no indication that this is ever going to change.

Therefore, despite all the showy propaganda that allowing same-sex marriages would destroy the traditional marriage, there’s really been no hint of that happening. Yet still, anti-marriage equality proponents keep claiming that the “gay agenda” is out to attack traditional marriage. Remember, these are the same people who are doing everything in their power to ensure that same-sex couples are not allowed to marry, or that those who are already married somehow get that right revoked. This rabid desire to exclude a certain group from having the same rights as everyone else because they are considered second-class or not as good is so Nazi-reminiscent that it is frightening that these anti-gay conservatives either don’t realise it, or just don’t care. Now, considering that heterosexual couples are not being affected by this issue in the slightest, whereas same-sex couples are struggling against this discrimination and defamation on a daily basis, please remind me… who’s under attack again?

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