Taylor Lautner Shirtless On The Beach

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 6

For years, I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen that Taylor Lautner is the guy that I’m going to marry. Yes, yes, I understand that he might be straight, but that’s the beauty of fantasies – just like the people who refuse to believe in evolution, they defy all logic. Continuing today’s apparent streak of male objectification – which, according to Joe Manganiello, is impossible, so guilt be gone! – let’s appreciate these lovely photographs of Taylor Lautner at the beach, as he films his new movie.

While he’s still in amazing shape, at first glance at these pictures, we can see that Taylor’s body isn’t as superhumanly ripped as it was during the Twilight Saga filming. Considering the fact that he’s no longer required to portray some supernatural half-man, half-wolf monstrosity, it’s totally understandable that he hasn’t felt the need to shred every single muscle that he has to kingdom come. Also, it’s very likely that the role for which he’s filming now requires that he not be as sculpted as we’re accustomed to. I think that we’re so intent on typecasting these young actors in the franchises that made them famous that we often forget that they’re actors just like everyone else in Hollywood, and their appearances are very often dependent on their different roles.

Right now, Taylor is filming Run The Tide. According to IMDB, the movie’s synopsis is: When their drug abusing mother is released from prison determined to rebuild their family, Rey (Taylor Lautner) kidnaps his younger brother Oliver and escapes their desert home for the California coast.

The premise alone makes me realise that this is a more emotional movie than Taylor has done in the past. Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gone on to play roles in deeper movies, in an attempt to prove their acting range and challenge themselves as actors. I, personally, think that they’ve both succeeded, particularly Robert. This, now, seems to be Taylor Lautner’s turn.

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 3

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 2

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 5

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 1

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 4

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 8

Taylor Lautner Shirtless 7

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