Taylor Swift Is The Closest I’ve Gotten To Being In Love With A Girl

Taylor Swift Kitten Instagram

I’m no less obsessed with Taylor Swift’s music today than I was when I was 17. If anything, I think that that obsession has grown exponentially over the years. The girl is undeniably talented, and has a knack for writing songs that transcend her own personal experiences so that it becomes relatable to almost anyone who listens. The media – and I suppose our society in general – has a tendency to bombard any and everything with negativity and tear it down, and Taylor Swift was no exception to that aspect of our culture. Even so, with all the cruel things that have been said and continue to be said about her (justifiable or not), I think that she has managed to stay incredibly grounded and an all-around lovely person.

One of the greatest parts about truly liking someone, especially a celebrity whom you really don’t know, is finding out that your love isn’t rooted solely in bias. Buzzfeed has compiled a list of instances of Taylor Swift not only following her fans on social media, but actively engaging with them, commenting on their pictures, and responding to their messages.

Remember, whether you’d like to admit it or not, she is one of the biggest superstars in the music industry right now, yet she finds the time to sit down and comment on her fan’s pictures. And I don’t mean simple little comments like “cute” or “I like this”. Her comments are actually really thoughtful and incredibly sweet. I admit that I may be more than a little prejudiced when it comes to Taylor, but I think that that’s really amazing. Some people have commented that it’s probably an assistant or something who does this on her behalf, but Taylor’s rep has stated that she actually runs her own Instagram account. You know what? I believe that. I mean, the girl needlepoints and makes her own jam, for crying out loud! I’m not sure what that really has to do with anything, but I can’t imagine another instance I’d ever get to use the excuse that someone needlepoints and makes their own jam!

Head on over to Buzzfeed to see more of Taylor just being an awesome human being.

Pic Taylor Swift Instagram

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