Tim McGraw is 47; Let That Sink In For A Bit

Tim McGraw Men's Health Shirtless

A short while ago, I wrote a post entitled “Beauty In Aging”, in which I argued that, despite our collective fear of getting older, and the effects that it has on our physical appearance, there are people out there who prove that that isn’t necessarily the case. To drive my point home, I used Tim McGraw as one of my examples because, well, how could I not? In the July/August issue of Men’s Health, Tim McGraw proves why he was one of my choices.

The man is approaching fifty, and he is ripped. Seriously, his muscles look like they have muscles. Now, although the point of my previous post wasn’t that to be considered beautiful you have to look like a walking Bowflex commercial, it’s still amazing to see how well Tim McGraw keeps up his physique, especially considering that a few years ago he probably never would have imagined the shape that he would be in today.

In the Men’s Health article, he reveals that one of the factors which contribute to his current look is his complete abstinence from alcohol. Apparently, he realised that he’d been abusing alcohol and, more importantly, his family had realised also. Fellow country superstar wife, Faith Hill, told him that it had “gone too far”, and McGraw could see that his kids had noticed as well. Hell, if that isn’t a great reason for personal reform, I don’t know what is.

Taking control of his life, health and body has done Tim McGraw a world of good, and his is an inspiring story. While this in no way is condemning anyone who enjoys drinking, I think that it’s important to realise when you’ve hit excessive and kept going. It doesn’t mean that you have to dry every ounce of alcohol from your system and walk around with free weights to achieve a physique like Tim McGraw’s. After all, being built like Hercules isn’t any more of an indication that you’re healthy than being a little overweight is a sign that you’re sick. However, like everything else in life, we have to understand how to keep things in balance, lest we find ourselves falling over to one side, and unable to ever get back up.

Tim McGraw Men's Health 3

Tim McGraw Men's Health 1

Tim McGraw Men's Health 2

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