Thom Evans Is A Literary Buff In Attitude Magazine

Thom Evans Attitude Cover 1

Note: This post may be NSFW because of the content of some of the photographs. In addition, while the post is about Thom Evans, I’m also going to include images of David McIntosh, as he participated in the same shoot. Fun fact: Thom Evans is the ex-boyfriend of Kelly Brooks, while David McIntosh is her current fiancé. The girl’s got great taste.

The first time that I’d ever heard of Thom Evans was when he posed for one of the annual issues of Dieux du Stade. The man was beautiful, and had an amazing body, which – if you know the nature of Dieux du Stade­ – you’d know meant was completely naked in the shoot. In that issue, he also posed with his older brother, Max Evans, who is also an amazing specimen.

Flash forward today, and Thom covers the July issue of Attitude Magazine, and it isn’t his first time either. Clearly, I’m not the only one who is in total lust of the man, and this thought makes me feel remarkably less like a pervert, for which I’m markedly grateful.

In the new issue of Attitude, the 29 year old former rugby player and current model discusses his desire to launch an acting career.

“Acting has always been something I have wanted to do. I’ve always liked taking risks.”

What would be his dream role? Literary psychos, hold on to your hats, because his answer comes directly from one of the most celebrated pieces in the history of English literature.

“It sounds a bit cringe, but probably Mr Darcy,” Thom says. “I’m a bit of a literature fan, especially period novels, and that book always stuck out to me at school. I think both Colin Firth and Matthew MacFayden did excellent jobs – I’d love to give it a try!”

First off, let me just drive a metaphoric knife through the heart of all literature lovers reading this. I actually don’t like Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I’ve never been able to make it all the way through. Quite frankly, I think that it is an absolutely tedious read, and the writing technique that Jane Austen employs comes off like that of a middle schooler. However, my opinion is clearly an inconsequential minority, because the book is one of the most famous literary gems in modern history, and has gone on to spawn a movie and a TV series adaptation.

Secondly, what a mind-blowing answer from Thom Evans! I, honestly, had not been expecting that. In today’s world where every new actor seems to want their big break in some action-packed summer blockbuster, it’s incredible that this macho, professional sports star would possibly opt for a role in a sensitive period piece. This is a beautiful example of why it’s so ridiculous to judge people on appearance alone. I’m a constant advocate of this, and yet it turns out that I’m as much a culprit as most.

I certainly would not say no to seeing Thom Evans on the big screen, so I definitely hope that he is able to launch his acting career… whether or not he gets to play Mr Darcy.

Thom Evans 1

Thom Evans Attitude Cover 2

Thom Evans Nude 1

Thom Evans Nude 2

Thom Evans & Max Evans Nude

David McIntosh Attitude

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