Colton Haynes Shirtless At The Beach Is The Best Way To Prepare For The Teen Wolf Season 4 Premiere

Yes, I realise that Colton Haynes hasn’t been a cast member of Teen Wolf for forever now, and I really do love him as Roy Harper on Arrow. However, to me, he’ll always be the infuriatingly smug, disgustingly lovable Jackson Whittemore from Beacon Hills.

Although Colton Haynes’ Arrow is currently on break (boo!), his former MTV home-show, Teen Wolf resumes tonight with its season 4 premiere. For season 3, MTV split the entire season into two 12-episode parts. I wonder if they’re going to do the same thing with season 4. As much as I hate the hiatus between the two parts, I’d still back the move, because I’m pretty sure it’s what made the waiting period between the season 3 finale and the season 4 premiere seem so short.

I’m already bracing myself for the fact that Isaac (Daniel Sharman) may not be returning for this new season. With Jackson (Colton Haynes), Allison (Crystal Reed), and Isaac now gone, that leaves only Scott, Stiles and Lydia as the only remaining members of the original Beacon Hills High cast. That means that they’re literally down to one half. Whatever the hell MTV is doing – or not doing – to have their cast members leave in droves like this needs to stop right damn now, because my heart can’t take it anymore. Considering the fact that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is set to star in the highly anticipated Maze Runner films, there’s already no guarantee that he’ll be able to commit to the show when that takes off. And, really, what would be the point of Teen Wolf without Stiles? It pains me to admit this, but I may just stop watching the show entirely if that were to happen.

Hey, it isn’t my fault the writers created such a perfectly awesome and awesomely perfect character.

Oh yeah, here are a couple pics of a shirtless Colton Haynes, who usually plays some sort of douchebag on television, but actually seems like a really nice guy in person.

Pics Via Just Jared

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