Beau Ryan Is A Naked Man of his Word on The Footy Show

Beau Ryan Footy Show

Today, so far, has been a terribly shitty day news-wise. One of the first things that I read upon waking up this morning was that Eli Wallach had passed away. Not long after, I saw that former Big Brother contestant Caleb Bankston had died as well in a derailed train accident. Then, as if I were on some negative-news stroke of misfortune, I read that North Korea dictator, Kim Jong-Un is practically threatening war against the US if James Franco and Seth Rogen’s film, The Interview is released because the movie revolves around some idiotic plot to assassinate the North Korean leader. I mean, yeah, I get why he would be offended, but to go as far as threatening war? Dude seriously needs to calm the fuck down… it’s just a movie – and a James Franco movie at that; we have more of a right to be pissed off than he does.

Anydumbpeopledepressthedaylightoutofme, in an attempt to cleanse our collective mind from this crapfest, I present to you the delightful and slightly funny video of retired National Rugby League player, Beau Ryan, appearing stark naked on The NRL Footy Show. A few weeks ago, Ryan was so confident that New South Wales was going to win the Origin Series that he put his money where his ass mouth was promised on The Footy Show that when (and not “if”) it happened, he would return to the show “and host it… completely nude”.

Well, dude’s apparently got balls the size of, well… rugby balls, because he kept his promise and returned to the show in his birthday suit, delighting the audience and arousing horrifying the hosts. Australia is obviously no America, because no censoring of the buttocks was done, and there was no FCC to complain to because no one was “thinking of the children” – what’s up Michael Sam haters?


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