Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down In Utah And Indiana

Craig Bowen Jake Miller Indiana Marriage

See what happens when you put positive energy into the Universe? For half the day, I’d been reading nothing but shitstain after shitstain of news, but then I decided to take matters into my own hands and interject a little less negativity out there. Of course, I don’t really think ogling Beau Ryan’s Aussie bum ranks anywhere on the scale of cosmic importance, but I’m still going to delude myself into believing that it is what made my good-news radar finally start pinging.

Equality and common sense won the day in two more US states today, as both Utah and Indiana now legally allow same-sex couples to marry. According to the Utah ruling:

On cross motions for summary judgment, the district court ruled in favor of the  plaintiffs. It concluded that “[a]ll citizens, regardless of their sexual identity, have a fundamental right to liberty, and this right protects an individual’s ability to marry and the intimate choices a person makes about marriage and family.”

I’m tempted to scream a huge “WELL, NO SHIT!” at this ruling, but I’d rather not tempt the Universe, as it was gracious enough to present us with this little reprieve of awesomeness.

Although this ruling was carried out, the Utah court unfortunately issued a stay, pending an appeal to the Supreme Court. Indiana, however, did not issue any stay on their decision, and couples were able to marry at once. Check out the video of the first marriage issued to Craig Bowen and Jake Miller here.

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