Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care” Music Video Is The Gayest Thing Ever… And It Is Awesome!!


I will never understand why Demi Lovato decided to release “Neon Lights” as her last single. I mean, it’s an ok song, and her vocals are amazing as always, but it was pretty obvious to me that it wasn’t really going to chart highly… at least in the US. It’s got a good dance beat and the techno-like vibe that it has is perfect for clubs, but it’s really just a cheap pop song. “Baby when they look up at the sky, we’ll be shooting stars just passing by… we’ll be burning up like neon lights”. Seriously, what the hell does that even mean, and how is anyone supposed to relate to that? The thing is, the selection of that song was made all the worse by the fact that the album actually has an array of really good meaningful songs, any of which could have been chosen instead.

Thankfully, this blunder was rectified this time around. Demi has chosen the super uptempo, highly energized break-up vindication anthem, “Really Don’t Care” as her newest single. I’ve always thought that Demi Lovato’s voice is more perfectly suited for ballads, but “Really Don’t Care” is still one of my favourite songs on the self-titled CD, ballad or otherwise.

I’m even more stoked with the song now that the video has come out. The majority of the video was shot at this year’s LA Pride Parade, at which Demi played the role of grand marshal. At the beginning of the video, Demi is heard voicing her support of the LGBT community. “This guy has a ‘Burn In Hell’ poster,” she says, as the video pans over picket signs of anti-gay protesters. “You don’t have to hate, because my Jesus loves all!”

Indeed, He does, Demi. Indeed, He does. The entire video is a celebration of gay festivities, and matches the overall tone of the song, if not necessarily its content. Naturally, the comments section under the video is chock-full of homophobic vitriol. Seriously, I don’t understand why homophobes actively seek out anything gay related, experience it in its entirety, and then go on a rant about how disgusted they are by it. Then again, I suppose that expecting rational behaviour from homophobes is as pointless as… actually, no, there’s nothing more pointless than that.

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