True Blood Season 7 Episode 2 “I Found You”: My Unsolicited Review


Far be it from me to question why a supercharged, erotic dream between Jason and Eric was the opening scene to last night’s True Blood. Homoerotic dream sequences between two leading male cast members are nothing new to the show. However, due to the fact that they’re always fuelled by the ingestion of vampire blood by the human involved, we can always anticipate them. Last night’s, however, came right out of left field – at least to me. I cannot, for the life of me, remember when Jason had drunk any of Eric’s blood – especially considering the fact that Eric had been missing for the past 6 months – but I will not complain, because it was by far the steamiest and sexiest of the dream sequences to date.

In all honesty, I really rather believe that this random sex dream was included so that the otherwise action-deficient episode would have some spice to it. While it was by no means an uninteresting episode, the opening dream scene was perhaps the only most noteworthy scene of the episode.

The mystery of the Hep-V-infected vampires continues. Following a lead on the body that Sookie literally stumbled upon last week, Andy, Jason, Alcide and Sookie headed over to a neighbouring town, Saint Alice, in an attempt to gather information from the residents there. However, they soon found out that there wasn’t a single living person left in the town. Really, they would have gotten more information speaking to the walls… and they technically did, as several buildings of Saint Alice were painted with warning signs or cries for help. In Saint Alice, they found the deserted home of the woman who Sookie had seen in the woods. It turns out that she was the Sookie of St Alice – meeting and falling in love with a vampire, much to the distaste of her fellow townspeople. In last week’s review, I mentioned how lost I was that everyone was blaming Sookie for what was happening with the vampires. I couldn’t understand what she’d done so much for all responsibility to fall on her, and finally someone this week echoed my sentiments! While Sookie contemplated the similarities between herself and her Saint Alice reflection, Alcide told her that there was no need to beat herself up as the only thing that she had done was fall in love with someone, vampire or otherwise. This was all the more lovely as Sookie had been so upset last week that he’d also assigned blame to her, albeit in his head.

The residents of Bon Temps are getting more and more vigilante savvy, deciding once and for all to rid their town of vampires. Though their plan to steal all the weapons and ammunition at the police station had appeared to be foiled by Kenya – whom Adilyn had forewarned – the constantly-overlooked-at-work Kenya finally broke, and all but handed the weapons over. This prompted a rush for Adilyn, who shocked everyone by using her light against Kenya, but she was overpowered and locked up.


I know that most True Blood viewers are so over the whole faerie storyline, but I’m loving that there’s another fae-human hybrid in Bon Temps, this one more obviously supernatural to the townspeople than Sookie had ever been. I swear, when Maxine pointed out that Adilyn had only been a new-born the last time she checked, I almost died from laughter!


Arlene and Holly are still being held captive in the dungeon basement of Fangtasia. A quick alliance with one of the vampires, who used to teach their kids in her human days, secured them a promise that they would receive their freedom. Their hopes (and ours) were heightened when their new saviour was at the cusp of breaking them out until – in typical True Blood style – the infected vampire exploded into a river of blood and gore in the middle of snacking on Arlene’s ladylumps femoral artery, and all our hopes died just as much as she did.

And finally, old drug-addicted Lettie Mae seems to be making a comeback, though her drug of choice this time seems to be V, and her reason for doing it is slightly nobler than it had been in the past. Convinced that Tara’s spirit is attempting to send her a message before passing on, Lettie Mae seeks out V to foster a connection, going as far as approaching Lafayette for help. Lala, however, was not there for that, and after telling her that not only did he no longer deal with spirits, but that she was tripping on V, he read her to filth and dismissed her like only his flawless self could. This made Lettie Mae so desperate that she deliberately injured herself in boiling oil just to manipulate Willa into giving her some of her blood. Side note: thank you to Lala for pointing out the convenient timing between Lettie Mae and Tara’s reconciliation and Tara’s death… my suspicions may be unfounded, but I’m stilling holding strongly onto them.

Since this week’s episode ended with Sookie sneaking out of the house to go visit Bill, asking him if he’d still be able to sense her if she ended up in trouble, next week’s episode promises a very Twilight-esque human/vampire/werewolf love triangle. In the trailer, we see a sexy yet pissed off Alcide breaking Bill’s front door down and storming into the house.

I’m telling you, Nelly better make a cameo quick, because it is getting hot up in hurr.

There are a whole lot of sexy Jason/Eric GIFs after the jump.










True-Blood-Jason-Eric-Caress-2  True-Blood-Jason-Eric-Kiss-5






2 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 2 “I Found You”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. He drank eric’s blood, when eric found him injured at the vamp camp last season because he needed jason to show him where a room was inside the prison.


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