Chris Pratt Covers Men’s Fitness

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness Cover

Perhaps one of the most difficult and bizarre aspects of being an actor is the continual need to fluctuate body weight and physical appearance. Chris Pratt recently revealed that he’d intentionally, and of his very own design, gained over 20 lbs for his role on Parks and Recreation. However, considering the significant weight loss and muscling up that he’d had to do for his new role on the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy, it was really only a matter of time before his new physique was displayed on the front covers of major magazines. Men’s Fitness got the first honour.

Chris Pratt appears on the cover of the July/August issue of Men’s Fitness, and in the magazine, he discusses his journey to his career today. His recollection of the way he’d always be typecast because of his appearance is just hilarious.

“I was mostly cast as the douche,” he says. “I was in good shape, tan, and had long curly blond hair. So I was kind of typecast based on my physicality. Every audition would be like, ‘Welcome to the OC, bitch!’ or ‘Jenny, just get in my Escalade and shut your stupid mouth!’ ”

It turns out that he has also been playing guitar since he was 16! I had no clue, but when I really think about it I realise that it doesn’t come as a complete shock. It stands to reason that he’d have at least a semi-interest in music, as the guy has got a beautiful singing voice. The best scene out of the entire The Five-Year Engagement movie was his rendition of Cucurrucucu Paloma swoon.

In the article, Chris also mentions how people don’t always seem to recognise him, which I suppose is good for an actor who likes their privacy, but hello! The man is married to Anna Faris… how much more of an excuse do you need to know who he is? Guardians of the Galaxy is slated for its release next month and, considering the huge success that comic-to-movie adaptations have been garnering in the past few years, if this movie follows in that trend, Chris can pretty much kiss his obscurity goodbye now. Furthermore, he’s also going to be starring in the Jurassic Park reboot, which is shooting now. The A-list is calling, and Chris Pratt’s versatility definitely makes him worthy of that call.

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 01

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 02

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 03

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 03

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 06

Chris Pratt Men's Fitness 04

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