Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 “117”: My Unsolicited Review


This week’s episode of Teen Wolf took it down a notch from the action-filled premiere of last week. Instead, the episode focused more on the inexplicable appearance of Derek as his teenage self, and his struggles in today’s world, as his memory between this specific age and his adult self has been wiped out… or rather, has not yet occurred.

Firstly, let me just take a moment to revel in the fact that Deaton is back! Unfortunately, Derek’s Benjamin Button situation is way out of his sphere of knowledge and, for once, he wasn’t able to offer much help. As such, Scott was forced to seek out Peter for assistance. In an effort to offer support and muscle, Malia unexpectedly shows up to his aid, still blindly unaware that Peter is her biological father. Peter, though, know the truth, and spends a couple of creepy uncomfortable moments taking in her sight, before he is able to snap out of it. After Scott alerts him of Kate’s transformation to a werewolf whatever she is, as well as Derek’s age-reversal, Peter figures out that Kate is attempting to bring Derek back to the time when the two of them were dating, so that she could once again have his trust. Why? Because Peter then realises that Kate is after the triskelion, as she mistakenly believes it to be the key to controlling her change during the full moon.


In the end, her plan is foiled and Derek somehow turns back into his adult self, which is really bittersweet because I think that Ian Nelson is a great addition to the cast. However, we are introduced to the new supernatural monsters of the show, the Berserkers, which seem to be the Oni of this season. We aren’t sure yet what their deal is, but they’re incredibly strong, and totally savage, if Chris Argents description of them last season is correct. The biggest WTF moment of the night (and not even in a good way) came when an unidentified stranger temporarily blinded Peter and stole all the Hales’ bearer bonds, which totals 117 million dollars. I have no idea where this multi-million dollar heist is heading in a show full of supernatural creatures, but I’m guessing that this is where the mysterious Benefactor comes in.

It definitely wasn’t their best episode to date, but I still enjoyed it. This show should seriously just be renamed Teen Wolf: The Chronicles of Stiles Stilinski already, because he is undoubtedly the feature attraction of the entire series.


Every single scene that featured Stiles had me laughing like nobody’s business, and he had all the best lines of the night. We learned that he finally lost his virginity to Malia, which would totally deserve a “you da man” finger point, except he instantly reveals that every time they spoon, Malia only ever keeps him as the little spoon. Later on, I totally lost it at his “explanations” about Derek to both his father and Scott’s, while Scott’s and Derek’s expression perfectly mirrored what I felt on the inside.



The writers of this show definitely struck gold both with the character of Stiles, and the acquisition of Dylan O’Brien to play the role. No matter how weak their episode may be, Stiles always seems to make up for it in excess. Keep plucking that chicken, Teen Wolf!

Side note: when did Ryan Kelley get so buff, and why is he always covered under all this police uniform? What do we need to do, storm the MTV studios with pitchforks to get him some shirtless air time?


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