Gay Pride Parades Prove That Love Wins Out

NYC Pride 3

This past weekend, very many states in the US, as well as various countries around the world, held their annual Gay Pride Parades. I’ve been reading about some of those festivals and it seems that certain places like San Francisco and Toronto, hundreds of thousands of people took part, while Chicago drew in over one million.

Let’s compare that quickly to the number of people who showed up to NOM’s highly publicised anti-gay “March for Marriage” only two weeks prior, which ranged at about two thousand strong (though, somehow that doesn’t seem to be the right word in this case).

Of course, I won’t delude myself into believing that this paltry number at NOM’s march is any true indication of the number of homophobes that exist out there. However, what it does show is that very many more people are a lot more vocal in their cries to be seen as free and equal. Since pride festivals are not limited to members of the LGBT community, it also shows the number of straight allies who don’t live their lives needlessly hating others.

Interestingly enough, this year’s pride parade commemorates the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Do you think any of the rioters then would have dreamed that in fewer than fifty years, any one state in the US alone would be swarming with hundreds of thousands of LGBT individuals who aren’t angrily rioting for their sexual orientation, but proudly celebrating it? It makes me wonder how much more progress will be seen in the next fifty years. After all, at some point, the world must finally admit that allowing the LGBT community its deserved freedom won’t actually cause God to rain down fire and brimstone on us. If He didn’t do it when Jersey Shore became a hit, and spared us still when Teen Mom cast members became actual celebrities, I sincerely doubt that He’ll do it because two soul-mates that He designed for each other were able to get married.

NYC Pride 2

NYC Pride 1

Pics via Mashable

Chicago Pride 1

Chicago Pride 2

Pics taken by Rick Lobes via Chicago Now

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