Brandon Routh Cast In The CW’s Arrow


Before Henry Cavill came around and totally made the Superman character his own, there were others who had the privilege of playing the Man of Steel. Several years ago, Brandon Routh was one of those, and he played the mild mannered Clark Kent in Superman Returns.

Today, The Hollyood Reporter confirmed that Brandon Routh has been cast as Ray Palmer aka The Atom in The CW’s Arrow. The show so far has made it a bit of a custom to cast hott guys as their heroes, so this doesn’t really come as that much of a shocker. I think that Routh was a good casting decision for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he did play Superman in a big blockbuster, so he’s familiar with the entire superhero, special effect aspect of the comic-to-live-action situation. Secondly, since Superman Returns, Brandon Routh has made a pretty good transition to television, appearing in shows like Chuck, Chosen, and Partners.


So far, not much detail is given about Brandon’s character, but it has been confirmed that he will be working closely with Oliver and Felicity. One of the driving points of this series is the highly obvious sexual/romantic chemistry between Oliver and Felicity, and one of the smartest decisions that the writers have made is to keep this connection unconsummated. We, the viewers, ship them harder than the Man of Steel’s uh… man of steel, if you know what I mean. We ship them harder than the Arrow’s… arrow… huh, huh? But the fact that they remain friends with fantasized benefits is all the more fodder for us to keep watching. One of the ways that the writers maintain this platonic relationship is by continually including love interests for each of the two characters. Felicity (who is my favourite character on the show, thankyouverymuch) was close to finding the perfect guy with Barry Allen, but the writers had to go and blast him into a coma before taking him away for his own spinoff show… very subtle on that one, by the way, CW. With any luck, Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer is going to be an appropriate replacement. He’s definitely sexy enough to win my approval for Felicity.


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