Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 “Muted”: My Unsolicited Review


Well, Teen Wolf certainly took a turn for the morbid last night. There are a few episodes that are far more intense than the average: Allison learning of her mother’s death was one, Stiles’ personal battle with the nogitsune was another; last night’s episode undoubtedly joined that rank. The episode started out with your typical “horror scene”, where some unknown teenage boy went outside calling for his missing pet (why is a missing pet always the introduction to household massacre?). Of course, he didn’t find the cat outside and, upon re-entering his home, his calls to his mother went unanswered. Clearly uneasy, he decides to go on up to bed, where he finds dirty paw prints on his carpet. When he looked under his bed for closer inspection, he find his missing cat crouched there, drenched in blood. Honestly, everything up until that point took all I had in me not to roll my eyes at, because it was all just so cliché and overdone. Still, I was holding on to hope that maybe one of the actual characters of the show was merely watching a cheesy horror film, and this was just the setup. I soon realised that that wasn’t the case, and things started getting serious when the very real screams of a woman were heard through this teenager’s bedroom door, and a stranger with an actual axe, dripping blood in the house, informs this kid that his entire family had just been murdered, and that he was next. However, he was able to escape from his bathroom window (I swear on my life that I was wondering if this kid would be smart enough to think of that). Teen Wolf, throughout the seasons, has had its fair share of murders, no doubt about that. But, somehow, this entire scene was next-level gruesome for the show, and it set the tone for the remainder of the episode.

After being robbed blind (literally) of over one hundred million dollars, Peter and Derek hire Braeden to find and capture Kate. Being the professional hunter/mercenary that she is, Braeden charges them a boat-load for having her go against the Mexican Cavalera family, which Peter balks at. However, far more interested in finding out why his eyes have changed colour, Derek agrees to pay anything. Already, we can tell that there’s some sort of romantic involvement brewing between Derek and Braeden so, after the unforeseen script flip we got at the beginning of the episode, it’s comforting to know that Teen Wolf hasn’t completely lost their penchant for clichéd writing.

Over at Beacon Hills High, there seemed to have been no shortage of storylines. Firstly, Kira finds out that her parents have put the house up for sale with the intention of moving back to New York. Of course, she protests, claiming that she won’t find friends like Stiles, Lydia and Malia in New York. She noticeably refrains from mentioning Scott, as she is still woefully unsure of what exactly is going on between them. Scott’s subconscious peck on her lips a little later on does nothing but confuse the situation even more. He later apologises for making things so awkward, and, after briefly walking away, he gallantly strides back out declaring that he isn’t sorry, and then proceeds to make out with her properly.


Seriously, writers of Teen Wolf¸ no one does cliché like you guys. I suppose this now means that they’re officially together. I know it’s extremely wrong to compare, but I can’t help prefer the Scott/Allison storyline to this one. It was just so much more natural and unforced… and, despite the fact that the two of them were forbidden from seeing each other, and that everyone in Allison’s family was dead-set on murdering Scott, their relationship was still far less complicated than this he-loves-me/he-loves-me-not adolescent crap that Scott and Kira are going through.

Stiles and Malia (Stalia? Miles?) are definitely a thing now, and Lydia is being a frustratingly good sport about it, despite her subtle passive-aggressive digs. She even selflessly helps Malia out academically, since Malia is crashing and burning spectacularly in school. Question: how did Malia even end up enrolled in high school when she’d never even been able to attend middle school and junior high… possible even elementary school? Ah, what it must be like to live in Beacon Hills, where the supernatural runs far more rampant than logic.

The real story story of the night was the introduction of Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), Scott’s newest lacrosse rival… he’s this season’s Jackson, if you will. The difference is that, while Scott was the challenge to Jackson, Liam is the challenge to Scott. Hmm, maybe Liam is this season’s Scott, not Jackson.


Due to Liam’s more than impressive skill on the lacrosse field, the biggest mystery was whether or not he was human, with Stiles vehemently opposed to the idea that he was. The inability of Scott to catch a foreign scent on him seemed to have been evidence he wasn’t supernatural; however, he was able to withstand a pretty devastating body blow by Scott… so, it’s really still up in the air.

Allow me to take this moment to rejoice at the fact that Melissa McCall has FINALLY made an appearance this season! Loving it, loving her, loving them! Now moving on…

Psychic-banshee Lydia struck again last night, much to my delight! This time, her powers led her to the same house of murder from the beginning of the episode. After a brief yet witty conversation with Parrish, who I’m loving more and more with each passing episode, her ability to sense murder (or corpses, who knows) kicked in and she found a hidden passage in the house, which led to an underground “game-locker” or frozen storage room, where dozens of human bodies were bagged and strung up. It took me a while to realise that the culprits of all these bodies were actually the murdered people from the beginning of the episode. Scott soon got a call from Lydia, urging to him to find Sean, the boy who’d survived the murder. It turns out that all our wondering of if Liam were human or not was completely misdirected… for the entire night, we’d been sympathising with the actual supernatural monster, Sean! This was such a beautiful turn of events that it reminded me why I love this show so much, so bravo Teen Wolf writers. A new supernatural creature was added to the story, when Sean revealed that he was a wendigo, a creature with an apparent insatiable appetite for human meat (does it make me a bad person that I instantly thought up about a dozen dirty jokes when I wrote that?)

Anymymindisagutter, wendigo Sean kidnaps Liam, drags him to the roof (because, why not, right?) and threatens to eat him right before throwing him off the side of the building (again, because why not?) Scott leaps to hold on to him, but finds it difficult to maintain a grip on a slipping Liam while simultaneously fighting off Sean. Just as Scott loses a complete grip on Liam’s hand and the latter is seconds away from imminent death, Scott sinks his teeth into Liam’s wrist to be able to hold on to him. Mere seconds later, an axe lands squarely in Sean’s back, hurled by the same murderer from earlier, a mysterious bald man with no mouth, who drinks a black liquid from a hole in his throat, which enables him to produce some sort of indecipherable code onto a computer screen. Yeah, you can reread that if you’d like, but I assure it won’t make any more sense if you do. The only thing that matters with that is that Lydia already seems to be tapping into him.

The big cliffhanger of the night, of course, revolves around this bite. This is the first time that Scott has bitten anyone, and if Liam survives (which, of course he will), this will be the first person that he’s turned into a werewolf, and an inescapable addition to his pack. I wasn’t expecting this turn of events at all, but I’m incredibly intrigued to see how it turns out, especially considering the fact that the Cavaleras have already threatened to come after Scott if he ever turned anyone. With so many important departures this season, it was important that the show came big, and, without a doubt, it is doing just that. I’ve got very few complaints so far, so I’ll keep them to myself.


A few more GIF’s are after the jump.





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