Justin Theroux Is Taking Over Our Magazines But You Won’t Hear Us Complaining

Justin Theroux Interview Details

If we didn’t know it before, it’s becoming increasingly obvious now that HBO is dominating television. Almost everything that they touch – movies, series, documentaries, you name it – receives the Midas experience. While huge-budget, big-name movies aren’t even really guaranteed to score these days, HBO seems to have been able to unlock the key to success. I’m pretty sure that actors are now jumping at the opportunity to star in anything HBO-related, because they’re bound to get immediate acclaim. Take Justin Theroux for instance.

While I’m in no way insinuating that Justin hasn’t had a successful career, nor that it’s been stagnant, who disagrees with me in that, for the past few years, he’s been known more as Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend than anything else? Justin Theroux now stars in HBO’s newest Rapture-themed series, The Leftovers, and he’s landing interview after interview. Right now, he is featured both in Interview Magazine and Details Magazine.

While Justin may not have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind before that, he was still actively involved in big Hollywood hits. For instance, did you know that, not only was he one of the screenwriters of Tropic Thunder, but that he was the screenwriter of Iron Man 2? Consider my mind seriously blown at this news, which I learned in the Details interview. I also found out that he isn’t just an actor, but an artist as well! I think the reason that I was clueless about that is that there’s a definite hierarchy in Hollywood and, unless you’re part of the almost impenetrable stratum of The Elite, your accomplishments aren’t as readily flouted. On the plus side, though, neither are your failures. Justin better prepare himself, because if The Leftovers follows in the footprints of so many other HBO successes, this might all change very soon.

Justin Theroux Details 1

Justin Theroux Details 2

Justin Theroux Details 3

Justin Theroux Details 4
Photos by Mark Seliger Courtesy Details Magazine

In the Interview feature, Justin is interviewed by his long-time friend, Amy Sedaris, which was a very nice touch, because the interview had a very personal feel, and came off remarkably endearing. As the interview begins, it is mentioned that Justin orders chamomile tea, which is all sorts of adorable, and not very surprising, given all the rumours about his disapproval of Jennifer Aniston’s boozing with Chelsea Handler. As the interview progresses, Justin discusses topics ranging from his childhood to his obsession with sleeping in the nude. It turns out that he never really properly learned to read until the fourth grade. That’s quite amazing, considering he’s written the screenplays to such blockbusters as I mentioned earlier.

Justin Theroux Interview 1

Justin Theroux Interview 2

Justin Theroux Interview 3

Justin Theroux Interview 4
Photos By Robbie Fimmano Courtesy Interview Magazine

I quite like learning this stuff about Justin Theroux. He’s actually a very interesting person, and I can’t imagine why he hasn’t been more heavily featured in Hollywood. In my post about the eventual premiere of The Leftovers, I mentioned that I still have quite a bit of trouble seeing Justin Theroux as anything other than his Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle character. The Leftovers has been on the air for all of two weeks, and already this is changing. See what I mean? HBO is magic!

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