Robbie Amell Cast In CW’s “The Flash”


Well, this was really just a matter of time in the making. A few days ago, we found out that Brandon Routh was cast in CW’s Arrow, which stars Stephen Amell. Today, reports have surfaced that Stephen’s cousin, Robbie Amell, has recently been cast in the Arrow spinoff, The Flash. The only thing which surprises me is that Robbie had never appeared in Arrow. I suppose the producers were probably worried about people assuming that the only reason he landed the role was good old-fashioned nepotism, but the fact that they’re cousins in real life and actually resemble each other, it wouldn’t have been a stretch for us viewers to believe that they were somehow related on the show. Either way, Robbie can now call the set of The Flash his new home, and everyone is happy.

Some of you may recognise Robbie Amell from the CW’s The Tomorrow People, or as Fred in Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo films The Mystery Begins and Curse of the Lake Monster. However, if you’re anything at all like me, the first thing that pops into your head at the mention of Robbie Amell’s name is the Nickelodeon’s genius sitcom, True Jacson, VP. I assure you, I feel not even a hint of shame at that admission.

Robbie is set to play Ronnie (go figure!) Raymond, also known as Firestorm. The interesting thing about Firestorm is that he’s technically two separate characters in one. The thing is, Ronnie Raymond and scientist, Martin Stein, were exposed to a horrible nuclear accident which fused the two of them into Firestorm. Ronnie was always the bigger protagonist of the Firestorm storyline, but Stein was still an integral part of the character as the antithesis to Ronnie’s impulsive nature. I’m curious as to how the writers of The Flash are going to handle this one, and who will be cast as Stein, if they remain true to the original concept. Believe me, after the whole Black Canary being Laurel’s sister as opposed to Laurel crap on Arrow, I don’t put changing the comic’s original plot past these people. To their credit, I will admit that the CW has gone way beyond their Smallville days in their comic book hero adaptations, and I have yet to be disappointed.


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