This “Golden Girls”/”Super Friends” Mashup Video Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Anyone who has the nerve to say that they don’t know much about The Golden Girls because it was before their time should be smacked upside the head. The Golden Girls isn’t before anyone’s time! The Golden Girls was, is, and always will be the centre of everyone’s time! It was an amazing show, with writing that most of today’s shows can only dream about, both in its comedic and emotional take on issues. The cast was so beloved that the death of each one was felt as deeply by their fans as if we’d known them personally. Betty White is the only living Golden Girl, and remains to this day, America’s the Universe’s sweetheart. She is still also so active professionally, that during this week’s Emmy Award nominations, it was revealed that she was nominated for her reality prank show, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.

Two days ago, I came upon this mashup of The Golden Girls’ opening credits, and the characters of The Super Friends. I have no idea how I’ve lived this long without this video in my life, but it remains one of the biggest mysteries of life. The worst part is, this video has apparently been around for at least a couple of years. For those of you who are johnny-come-lately’s like me to this video of pure perfection, here it is for enjoyment that will last a Lifetime (or a Hallmark, or a TV Land or whatever channel that still airs reruns of The Golden Girls)

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