I Swear, Weird Al Yankovic Read My Mind For Tacky

Weird Al Yankovic Tacky

Have you ever felt particularly strongly about something which, to you at least, is so frustratingly infuriating, but you feel as if you’re the only one in the world because it seems that everyone is okay with it, and then when you meet one other person who feels the same way you do, you just want to rip both your clothes off and absorb this person into you forever and ever out of sheer appreciation? Well, that’s exactly how I feel listening to Werid Al Yankovic’s parody of Pharrell’s “Happy”, hilariously entitled “Tacky”.

I am so in love with this song that if Weird Al were in front of me at this very second… let’s just say I’d show my immense gratitude in the most disturbing way. Among the tacky attributes listed in the song with which I completely agree are the following:-

–          Instagramming every meal you have: holy hell, this frustrates me to my very core, yet I never hear people calling it out. What possible satisfaction could you derive from posting pictures of your lunch on Instagram or Facebook? Seriously, no one gives a rat’s ass what your caesar salad looks like, and the only ones liking your ridiculous post are fellow tacky enthusiasts, who are already planning on showing off photos of their sloppy joe dinner!

–          Wearing sandals with socks: let’s get something straight people, this is not a fashion statement; it is the fashion equivalent of seeing someone reject a marriage proposal. It is painful to witness, and everyone wishes that they hadn’t seen it, but they’re all too humiliated for you to tell you anything. So stop trying to make it happen… it isn’t going to happen!

–          Wearing Ed Hardy: actually, the lyrics are “wearing Ed Hardy shirts with fluorescent orange pants”, but there’s really never a need to go on after “Ed Hardy”.

There are other brilliant examples of pure tackitude mentioned in the song like: never letting someone forget a favour you did them, wearing crocs (right up there with the Ed Hardy), and constantly dropping names, but you must listen to it yourself to fully appreciate it. As if the song weren’t perfect enough on its own, the music video features Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black, all of whom are fantastic comedic actors! Weird Al Yankovic started off with “Tacky”, but he will be dropping eight new parodies – one a day for eight consecutive days. There’d been earlier reports that he’d wanted to do a parody of Iggy Azaela’s “Fancy”, so here’s hoping that that actually happened!

4 thoughts on “I Swear, Weird Al Yankovic Read My Mind For Tacky”

  1. Just the words E- H—- gives me a rash, and this is one of the very reasons why I refuse to join Instragram…because no one wants pictures of my Egg McMuffin (no ham).


    1. LOL you mean you’d never post pictures of yourself wearing Lucifer’s douchewear, or the crap you bought to eat?! I’d definitely follow you! You know… more than I already do in my head


      1. Ha! You know I’d never wear a graphic T. *shudder*

        See, that right there is why I won’t join. Not because I’m scared of you following me…but because I’m afraid of the raging disappointment you’d have in me afterward. lol


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