True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 “Death Is Not The End”: My Unsolicited Review


After three consecutive weeks of nearly sending us into cardiac arrest, this week’s episode of True Blood eased up on us a bit. At the very least, there were no major deaths… although we did get close with Arlene.

After apparently having been glamoured last week, a newly rescued Holly remembers nothing of the ordeal that she endured at Fangtasia, though she is nonetheless emotionally frayed. Of course, this doesn’t really work for anyone, as they need to find out where the rest of the captives and the infected vampires are. As such, Sookie pries the memories out of Holly, and discovers that Arlene and Nicole are still alive in the dungeon of Fangtasia.

I suppose the ultimate aim of this episode was the showdown with the Hep V-infected vampires, in order to try to kill them all. Thankfully, this was achieved, and not a moment too soon, because I was sincerely fed up of this storyline. What this week’s episode lacked in heart-stopping action, it more than made up for in humour. I seriously need to find a way to be able to carry with me everywhere I go Sookie’s “I don’t give a fuck about you or your problems speech” to Jessica. In the basement of Fangtasia, Sam shifts from and to a rat in front of Arlene, and her reaction to the revelation was nothing short of hilarious. In spite of all their misses, the writers’ of True Blood still know how to do humour, and I appreciate that.

Now back in Bon Temps, Eric has the most adorable reunion with Sookie. After Alcide’s death, I’d just assumed that the writers were preparing to once again pair up Bill and Sookie. After last night’s great chemistry between Eric and Sookie, however, I’m not so sure. Although, I suppose this could be the reason they have Eric infected with Hep V. I’d been assuming all this time that a miracle cure would be found at the last minute, and Eric would be good as new again, but it’s only just occurred to me that this might be the writers’ way of eliminating Eric as well, leaving the field wide open for Bill. Either way, Alcide hasn’t been gone for 24 hours, and already we’re seeing signs of a new pairing. Ugh.

I don’t know how it’s possible to have Lafayette be increasingly spectacular with each passing episode, but the writers of True Blood, together with Nelsan Ellis, succeed at this seeming impossibility. Jessica, who we learn hasn’t been feeding for weeks, still tormented by guilt over what happened with Andy’s daughter (seriously, this happened over six months ago – how are the writers still using this as an excuse?) is finally pushed by Sookie to feed. However, it isn’t until Lafayette delivers a most sass-filled, fabulous speech about letting go and moving on with your life, does Jessica finally allow herself to feed on him. In his speech, Lafayette mentions Jesus, who we haven’t heard of in forever, and it touched me in the depths of my soul to learn that he still hasn’t forgiven himself for being the one who murdered him. Damn Marnie… I hope she rots in Hell for eternity, or worse, becomes reincarnated as a future member of a rebooted Jersey Shore.

Jesus is not the only blast from the past that this week’s episode featured. Making cameos this week were Hoyt, who Jason had to call to inform of Maxine’s death, and Terry, of whom Arlene had a vision as she teetered between life and death. Both of them were characters whom I genuinely loved, and whose departures filled me with sadness, so it was great seeing them again, even if it was only for a few minutes. Rock on, season 7.

Finally, Eric’s and Pam’s flashbacks into their memories continue to make no damn sense at all. It was revealed that their ownership of Fangtasia, as well as Eric’s title of Sheriff were both bestowed on them as a means of keeping an eye on them. Ok, sure, whatever, let’s go with that, like that makes any sense whatsoever. Fangtasia was also initially a video rental store, and it is there that we’re introduced to a young, bright-eyed Ginger (hilarious even then), who has a borderline obsession with vampires. We learn that the concept of Fangtasia was actually entirely hers but Pam, being, well… Pam, glamoured the memory out of her and claimed the idea as hers. I should hate Pam so much, but I’m too in love with everything about her to ever pull that off.

All in all, it was quite a good episode. It wasn’t overly complicated, as the show has often been in recent seasons, and it incorporated just enough action with story development to be interesting, without becoming overwhelming. With the Hep V-infected vampires gone, I have no idea where the show is going to be heading, but I have enough faith in True Blood to believe that they’re going to end this season to our satisfaction. I think if I say it enough, I might convince myself of it eventually.

As usual, my favourite moments are after the jump.









3 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 “Death Is Not The End”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. I just loved that Lafayette dance. Thanks for making a gif of it!

    I’m wondering if the flash backs of Eric and Pam are kind of a … life flashing before Eric’s eyes prior to death … kind of a thing?

    I’m also debating if the flash backs are foreshadowing history repeating itself. IE, will he reunite with Sookie only to have her used as a pawn against him … where he will again have to choose Pam versus his human love??? I wonder if it means Sookie will die?!


    1. You. Are. A. Genius! I’d never even thought of that! However, considering this is True Blood we’re talking about, I think the likelier scenario would be that he chooses Sookie over Pam this time! Pam dies, Eric dies, but Sookie remains to end up with Bill! I’d hate to think that’s what the writers have in store, though. I mean that’s macabre… even for them!


      1. Bah! I really hope that is NOT what happens. Bill needs to go away. Hmm … How can this scenario be altered so that we have more scenes with Eric and no clothing… 😉


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