Colton Haynes Covers “You Raise Me Up”

Former Teen Wolf hottie and current Arrow hottie, Colton Haynes, has already proven that he’s a good actor. Having been a face of Abercrombie and Fitch, he’s also got the credits of model under his belt. It now seems that Colton can add “singer” on his long list of credits. Earlier today, Colton Haynes threw up this video on his Facebook and YouTube accounts, of him doing a cover of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.”

Is it really necessary to say that I find Colton Haynes all kinds of sexy? This pretty much just amped up the sexy factor a good hundredfold! I had no idea that he could sing, let alone sing so well! After listening to it, I browsed YouTube to find see if there are any more videos of him singing and, as it turns out, this has apparently been a thing for a while now – just another brilliant example of me being late, as usual!

Oh well, the fact that I found this gem at all is proof of what they say: that it’s better late than pregnant never.

Also, check out this Dr Pepper ad I found of Colton being an all-round awesome, perfect human being.

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