Taylor Lautner Looks Hott and Hilarious in BBC’s “Cuckoo”


How is it that I’d never heard of this Cuckoo show? BBC is the home of Sherlock, and Andy Samberg is a walking mass of hilarious! Put those two together, and you’d expect me to be glued to whatever the end result is! However, somehow, through some glitch of the Universe, this went right over my head and I’m only learning about it today with the first video trailer of Taylor Lautner.

It’s interesting that Taylor Lautner is now doing a television series. A while back, I mentioned that I believed that Taylor was trying to shed his Twilight image and go for projects that allowed him to develop more as an actor. Despite the whole Hollywood heartthrob angle that they’ve moulded for him, he always seems to come off as a giant goof, so I think that a sitcom is a brilliant path for him. Seriously, he looks really promising in that trailer. It’s clear that this isn’t a complete transition to television, as Taylor is still filming his upcoming movie, Run the Tide, but its still an interesting choice on his part.

It’s also interesting that BBC would go with Taylor, who’s bound to have several projects lined up, considering the fact that the entire reason they had to cast him in the first place is that Andy Samberg’s schedule wouldn’t permit him to film a second season.

Take a look at the trailer below (which ingeniously features Taylor Lautner shirtless and oily) as I go binge watch the first season of Cuckoo.

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