True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 “Lost Cause”: My Unsolicited Review


This week’s episode of True Blood was a brilliant combination of sexy and bizarre. The episode took place in two primary settings: Dallas (with Eric and Pam) and Sookie’s house (with everyone else). Let’s start off at Sookie’s.

With all the action with the infected vampires dying down, Sookie is finally in a position to mourn Alcide’s death, and the grief is obvious on her. In an attempt to help, Lafayette throws her a party with the conditions that anyone who comes has to bring alcohol, and under no circumstance is anyone allowed to offer their condolences.

All the living parishioners of Bon Temps seem to have been invited, and they all fitted in Sookie’s living room, so… that shows you. Andy won major props from us this week. First, he was finally able to help Jessica get over her killing his daughters by letting her realise that the more she held on to her grief, the more difficult she made it for him to move on as well. Then, in the middle of the party, he proposed to Holly in a slightly awkward, but totally sweet way.

Of course, sweetness can never prevail on this show, so enter Lettie Mae to bring in the drama! Although she starts off well, raising a beautiful toast to Tara’s memory, she soon spirals into crazy territory when she stabs Willa in order to drink her blood, almost starting a vampire mutiny in the process. When she is subdued and taken away by Lafayette, Nicole goes on an incredulous rant to everyone that, despite them treating Lettie Mae like the crazy one, she thinks that they’re the ones who have gone mad, throwing a party when only days before, they’d all been gripped by tragedy and terror. It’s either she’s suffering from an understandable case of PTSD, or she’s more in touch with her feelings and reality than anyone else is allowing themselves to be.

The real scene stealer of the century night, however, was Lafayette and James’ consummation of their blossoming relationship. After being spurned, yet again, by Jessica, James turns to Lafayette to vent, and the two wind up sharing a kiss. A short while later, as Jessica tries to hunt down James, she walks in on the two of them going at it quite energetically in her car. I’m going to skip right over the statement that the writers of the show were clearly trying to make by having Lafayette be the top… I was thinking of addressing it in a separate post, but I think I’ve already covered it well enough over here. Instead, I’m going to admit to being a bit disappointed in the handling of this situation. Of course, I understand why it was done the way it was, but I cannot agree to it being the only way that its end could have been achieved. Considering the way that Lafayette and James have been slowly and sweetly been building the relationship that they now have, having their first love scene play out that way sort of cheapened the entire thing. It was bad enough that they were interrupted mid-act by Jessica, turning what could have been a great moment into a shameful act of cheating. Having them do their do in public – where they obviously could have been caught at any moment – in the back of a car just made it all the worse.

Anyilooktoocloselyatnonsense, Jessica flew into a hysterical rage, and has Jason rescind James’ invitation into the house before she flees upstairs in tears. Lafayette soon goes to her, initially to apologise, but then things heat up between the two of them, and an awful argument ensues, with Lala reading her to filth. When Jessica scoffs at the idea that Lafayette might be the right person for James, Lala takes her to task on it, asking her if she’d ever considered the fact that he, ‘that queen who makes all… white heterosexuals laugh and feel good about [themselves]’ wanted to find love and happiness as well. This line was pure perfection because it was as much an accusation to her as it was to a fair percentage of heterosexuals who willingly watch and easily love homosexual characters in shows and movies as long as they aren’t sexualised or made to act on their desires.

Jessica later admits to Jason that Lafayette is right and that she doesn’t think that she and James belong together. This prompts Jason to confess his reservations about Violet, whom we had all gotten sick of several episodes ago. All this confessing and vulnerability inevitably led to a kiss which obviously led to more than a kiss. Unfortunately, while the two of them were in the heat of passion, Violet comes upstairs and overhears them. Though she doesn’t confront them, the look of rage on her face lets us know that shit will be going down. I’m not really sure what was with all this interrupting of sex tonight. Jessica is a vampire – shouldn’t she have heard Violet clomping up the stairs? I mean, I know that Jason is supposed to be some sex god or whatever, but how mesmerising is his dick, really?

Over in Dallas, Eric and Pam track down Sarah Newlin’s sister, from information given to them by Willa, whom Eric released. Although Sarah told Jason several season ago that her sister had been taken by vampires, we learn this week that that was a lie, and not only had the sister always been alive, she had been willingly turned by her vampire boyfriend. Having been paid by Sarah to keep quiet about her wherebouts, the sister had never refuted the claims, but now that she is dying from Hep-V just like her boyfriend had, she gives Eric and Pam all the information about Sarah as long as they killed her. Knowing that Sarah would be running to her parents at some Republican soiree, Eric and Pam decide to go undercover in search of her. As they prepare themselves, Pam notices that Eric’s condition has worsened, and that he has progressed to Stage 2, one step closer to the True Death. At the party, before they even find Sarah, the Yakuza storm in, killing all security at the event. Sarah tries to flee, but the Yakuza close in on her and, before they catch her, Eric finds her first, latching onto her throat and lifting her into the air. However, before he kills her, the Yakuza appear, and he lets her go in lieu of finally exacting revenge on the Japanese assassins.

In spite of everything that happened, the real cliffhanger of the episode was something which I did not see coming at all. All throughout the episode, miserable brooding Bill had been surprisingly miserably brooding about his past and the civil war which ultimately led to him becoming a vampire. Although I kept dismissing it as Bill being his usual irritating stuck-in-the-past old fart self, it turns out that it was (for once!) a bit more complex than that. You see, as Mr Compton stepped out of his evening bath and took a look into the mirror, we find his reflection in shocking form… with the appearance of the trademark veins of a Hep-V infection.

I’m loving this season, no doubt about it, and for the first time in several seasons, I am not looking forward to its conclusion. By now, you know what comes after the jump.












5 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 “Lost Cause”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. I’m almost entirely convinced that the memory flash backs are “my life flashing before my eyes before death” now. Both Bill and Eric are having them, and they both have hep v.

    Footnote, did Bill have a hand in his wife’s demise, too? Or did she live to her senior years without him…?

    Anyway! I’m with you on the Layfayette relationship downer. I wish that could have been portrayed in a more … Honest? … Light. It felt cheap to happen at a party, in the public, with Jessica steps away. Seemed too lusty that way, and I wanted it to be more true love.

    Can we talk for a minute, though, about Willa’s party outfit? 😛


    1. New details seem to be added continuously to Bill’s human life, so who knows where they’re going to take that. However, if memory serves me correctly, back in season one (I believe it was episode 5) when we first learn about Lorrena turning him, towards the end of the episode we see him returning to his wife, only to find out that their kids are dead from smallpox, I think it was. Anyway, when his wife finds out that he’s a vampire, she freaks out, and Lorena had to come glamour the memory of Bill coming to visit her out of her head. She then told Bill that this was why he could never come visit her again… so, based on that, I’m guessing that it might be she died without him. But then again, when has Bill ever listened to logic and not gone off to do his own nonsense?

      As for the Lafayette storyline, I think that the writers are so intent on amping up the shock value every weekend, that they’re compromising crucial aspects just so that the episode will be THE watercooler episode the following day. However, with Jess admitting that she and James probably aren’t meant to be together, maybe the writers will take the James/Lafayette storyline in a better direction.

      Willa’s outfit… I MEAN!!! I’m gay and even I was disappointed that the blood from Lettie Mae’s stab wound didn’t have time ruin the outfit so that Willa had a cause to slip out of it. LOL, I’m only kidding, but yeah, that girl was all kinds of hot last night!


      1. Willa was all kinds of hot last night – LOL! I think we should be friends.

        That cheetah monstrosity was awful. A total hot mess.

        Who wears cheetah anyway? 😉


  2. LOL to be fair, it was only half a hot mess. From the waist up, it was like “look at me, cuz boobies!!”, but then the bottom half was “kill me with fire before I turn on the full moon”


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