Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 5 “I.E.D”: My Unsolicited Review


I know I skipped out on a review of last week’s Teen Wolf. It wasn’t a bad episode, I just ultimately thought that I could have foregone the review. The episode, entitled “The Benefactor” was mostly about Scott and Stiles attempting to teach control on the full moon to Liam and Malia respectively. The most interesting aspects of the episode were 1) the revelation that there were assassins of supernatural creatures amongst the student population of Beacon Hills High, and 2) Lydia was able to decipher the code of the Mute, with the keyword “Allison” to reveal a hitlist of all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills.

This week’s episode was definitely a step up from last week’s. We find Liam still struggling with anger management issues, but it’s much easier for us to forgive him his douchebag behaviour now because he has readily accepted Scott as his alpha, and even looks up to him. A lacrosse match against his former prep school showed him struggling with his anger issues against the lessons that Scott has been teaching him.

Scott, for his part, on top of having to deal with the newfound responsibilities of being an alpha, is laden with the added task of trying to keep himself, Kira and Liam safe from the psychotic assassins. He confesses to Derek that he’d wanted this to be the semester that he once again focused on his classes, and this was a gentle but wonderful reminder why I think this show is special. Despite the all-out (sometimes farfetched and illogical) supernatural storylines that Teen Wolf comes up with, at the heart of the show, it really is just a story about teenagers often having to cope with real teenage problems.

There’s really no need to comment much on Stiles, because I think I have exhausted my reserve of ways to say that this character, and Dylan O’Brien by extension, are absolute perfection, and this week was no different. Still waiting on these writers to change the title of this show to Teen Wolf: The Chronicles of Stiles Stilinksi. Instead, I’ll move on to Lydia, who really tugged at my heartstrings this week. The writers of Teen Wolf tend to focus so much on the struggle of being a werewolf that it’s quite easy for us to forget that Lydia is every bit as supernatural as they are, and going through the same struggles to cope with her abilities. If anything, I’d argue that it’s worse for her, because she has no alpha to teach her how to handle her powers. This week, it was tough to watch her fight to tap into these powers in an attempt to decipher a second hitlist, and fail at it, as she still has pretty much no idea what she’s doing. However, Meredith – the Eichen House loon banshee from last season – heard Lydia calling out for her, and showed up to the police station, where she was ultimately able to lend her help, albeit in her typical difficult to understand way. Side note: shouldn’t they be worried that this isn’t the first time that someone has been able to break into or out of a supposedly dangerous mental institution?

Chris Argent is back! Happy dance! Having had suspected from last season that Kate was still alive, Chris teamed up with Derek to try to track her down. Towards the end of the episode, he is accosted by the Calaveras, who invoke the memory of his wife and Allison to coerce him into adhering to the strict code of the hunters. I’m sorry, but it’s about damn time these Calaveras are taken out… Derek, Peter, Kate, any one of you may have the honour.

This week’s shocking reveal was courtesy of the second hitlist which Meredith was able to help Lydia decipher. Unfortunately, it’s something that I’ve strongly suspected since the beginning of the third season, so it was really more of a confirmation than a revelation to me. It turns out that one of the names on the hitlist was Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), indicating that he is some sort of supernatural. We don’t know what yet, but it’s sure to make for a nice arc.

Teen Wolf is doing it big this season, and I approve, but allow me to ask this: where THE HELL is Danny? We’re already almost halfway through this season and we still have yet to see the amazing Keahu Kahuanui! Liam’s attraction to Kira in last week’s episode made me realise that he wasn’t cast as Danny’s new boyfriend like I’d thought from the trailer. However, I did know from the trailer that Mason (Khylin Rhambo) was gay, and this was confirmed last night. The Teen Wolf writers need to get to work stat on pairing him up with Danny. He’s a bit young for my liking, but he’s super cute and really funny, and I would definitely ship him and Danny (Manny? Dason?) Get to work on that, writers! The season isn’t getting any younger!

Need I say what comes after the jump?











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