I Think I’m Obsessed With MAGIC!


I’m a big music fan, and even though I can’t sing a tune to save my life, that doesn’t stop me from belting along to my favourite songs for hours on end. I also usually scour the top 40 singles charts every few weeks to see if there’s any new song which might appeal to me. This is why I’m so stunned to realise that “Rude” by MAGIC! flew right under my radar. And, really, the only reason that I found out about it right now is because it’s now the number one song on the US charts, knocking Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” from the top spot after having spent a record 8 weeks there. It had to be quite a song to accomplish such a feat, so naturally I went off to YouTube to have a listen. By the end of the first chorus, I completely understood.


MAGIC! is a Canadian reggae fusion band that does an amazing job of combining a distinct reggae sound with unmistakeable elements of alternative rock. Creator and lead singer of the band, Nasri Atweh has apparently been on the music scene for a while, writing songs for some huge-name artists. He’s even had a few hits back in Canada, though evidently not big enough to garner the global recognition that he has now. It just goes to show you how one big break can change everything.

MAGIC!’s debut album, Don’t Kill the Magic, is out on iTunes, and you best believe that I wasted less than zero time in getting it. Every time I get a new album, there’s always this fear that only a couple of songs are going to be tolerable and the rest will suck major balls. Lemme tell you – not only is this not the case with Don’t Kill the Magic, I love every single song on the album. Obsession I tell you… I already feel it creeping up on me. I’m pretty interested to see what happens in this band’s future. Nasri is, undoubtedly, a triple threat – he’s an amazing songwriter, he sings beautifully, and let’s admit it… he’s got some sweet, sick-ass dance moves!


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