Presenting the Official “50 Shades of Grey” Trailer


You know, despite everyone constantly making the comparison between Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and Meyer’s stalker superfan E.L James’ 50 Shades of Grey, I’d never really understood it before. Looking at this trailer, though, I was half expecting Taylor Lautner a pack of werewolves to burst onto the scene at any moment.

The highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey comes out next year, and the first official trailer has been released. Because it would be far too easy to point out how awful this story looks, I’m electing to focus on the positives.

Positive #1: this two and a half minute trailer looked far more appealing to me than the 2 paragraphs that I’ve read of the books.

Positive #2: Jamie Dornan and Dakatoa Johnson both look beautiful! There’s been so much vapid controversy surrounding the beauty (or lack, thereof) of the chosen cast, that I have no idea what the 50 Shades fans think at this point. There was a shit ton of superficial criticism that Charlie Dunnam was “too ugly” (in what Universe?!?!), that Dakota Johnson wasn’t “pretty enough” (get over yourselves), and that Jamie Dornan wasn’t Matt Bomer (Jamie Dornan’s goergeousness aside, though, I can’t fault anyone for that criticism). All this being said, I certainly hope that this could be put to rest now, because both Dornan and Johnson look pretty much like what I’m assuming they were meant to look like – young, pretty, and with bodies that won’t cause a moronic Lena Dunham-esque uproar. While there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of others, I pray for the day when we, as a society, aren’t so hung up on physical appearances.


Positive #3: The majority of the descriptions that I’ve read of the 50 Shades series lie somewhere in the vicinity of “filth”, “trash”, “porn”… you get the point. I’ve never read an entire page of the series, let alone an entire book, so I won’t pretend to be a qualified critique of this aspect. However, the movie’s producers have announced previously that they’d chosen to make it less risqué, and classen it up a bit. If they were successful, I think that they have a wonderful opportunity to educate a lot of people about a rarely spoken-of sexual community: BDSM. I don’t know a whole lot about the BDSM scene, but I’ve done enough reading over the years to believe that I have a fairly good working knowledge of it. Very many people, however, do not, and that’s because there’s this hush-hush taboo surrounding the topic. I’ve spoken more than once before about our society’s continual desire to eliminate any sexual practices which aren’t confined to the orthodox sphere of “normal”. I think that, considering all the buzz surrounding this movie, whether or not it is a critical success, there’s quite a good opportunity to showcase a sexual preference (no, I don’t mean orientation) that is very much alive, and apparently very much enjoyed in equal measure by both partners.

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