True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 “Karma”: My Unsolicited Review


This week’s True Blood really played with my emotions in a big way. There were no major deaths, thankfully, but it turns out that that wasn’t even necessary to achieve this effect.

Last week, we found out that Bill had contracted Hep V, when he noticed the very first signs of the disease. Hep V, so far, has been portrayed as a relatively slow-moving virus, progressing in stages. However, Bill’s is accelerating unusually quickly, going from “oh, my” to “HOLY HELL” in less than 24 hours. We later find out that Sookie was the one who passed the virus on to him in the first place – she’d contracted it from the sick vampires on the night that Alcide died, and gave it to Bill when she offered him her blood the following day – and I’m guessing that it’s expedited rate in Bill has something to do with Sookie’s fae blood. While on the phone, scheduling a meeting with an attorney to update his will, Jessica overhears Bill admit that he’s infected, and informs Sookie and Jason.

Let’s just take a second to point out that the show has come back full circle to comparing vampires and the LGBT community. In the first season, the plight of the vampires was an obvious parallel to that of the LGBT community (vampire rights/gay rights; coming out of the coffin/closet). As the show progressed, however, this comparison was made less and less (I guess it’s hard to keep up with a trivial issue like that when you’re writing about more profound situations like the ghost of a dead witch being trapped inside the body of a live one). Now that we’re in the final season of the show, this initial comparison is being made again, this time with Hep V obviously being written as HIV/AIDS. Now, I understand that HIV isn’t exclusively a gay disease (duh) but considering who the warnings are mostly aimed at, let’s be honest here. I, actually, quite appreciate the likening of the two situations, as in it’s own way, the show is bringing about awareness to a very serious problem.

After weeks of dubbing Lettie Mae a crazy, drugged-out addict, Lafayette has finally come to agree that Tara is, indeed, trying to send a message from the other side. The two of them went on a V-fuelled trip together – courtesy of James’ blood – and Tara appeared to them, ultimately leading them to her and Lettie Mae’s old house. She might have shown them more, but the vision was interrupted by Rev Daniels, who gets into a war of words with Lafayette, before announcing his ultimatum to Lettie Mae: it’s either the V, or him. I’ll just say it. I don’t like this man. I never liked him, and Lettie Mae’s choice of Tara over him didn’t make me sad at all. He’s always come off as arrogant and full of it (with the possible exception of his and Sam’s little confessional session). Even worse, his grand speech to Willa about how he loved Lettie Mae more than life because she saved him from this crippling depression caused by his ex-wife left me side-eyeing him up, down and everywhere. Several seasons ago – right about the time that Lettie Mae ws trying to build her life back up – Tara walked in on Rev Daniels and Lettie Mae getting it on in Lettie Mae’s living room. Tara’s only source of anger at that was that he was married! So, I don’t really know where this little spiel to Willa came from, but I wasn’t having any of it.

Violet, who’d overheard Jason and Jessica having sex last week, surprisingly didn’t do anything about it last night. Despite being obviously pissed off, the most she did was seduce Jason, letting him know that she was his as much as he was hers. I think that that would have been that, except that a call from Jessica, asking Jason to bring Sookie over to Bill’s house was misunderstood by Violet, and then she really flew into a rage. Later on, we see her manipulating Adilyn to come with her, so we know that this bitch is up to something major with faerie blood.

I’m not digging this Adilyn/Wade storyline. It’s really grossing me out on several levels. This is all the more ironic as I still can’t get over this From Beginning to End movie, and that movie should have been worse, as they were biological brothers, whereas Adilyn and Wade aren’t even related. However, I think the main difference to me is that in From Beginning to End, the story was entirely about love, while Adilyn and Wade just seem to want to hump each other every chance they get, because of “their hormones” as Arlene pointed out.

The story with the Yakuza and Eric and Pam continues, though thankfully in present day, this time. I’ve gotta say, I was royally irritated when Eric, who is clearly succumbing to the disease, was able to fight off a ton of Yakuza assassins, and Pam, who only suffers from crippling sarcasm, went and got herself captured! She kind of made up for it, though, when she saved herself and Eric from meeting the sun, by bypassing Eric’s moronic macho stubbornness and informing the Yakuza of Sarah’s vamp sister. An agreement is reached among them, and they all go in search of Sarah.

This week’s cliffhanger shocker was brought to us by the little troublemaker herself, Sarah! With nowhere else to go after her parents’ murders, she turns to her vampire sister, who is obviously less than welcoming to her. However, Sarah attempts to placate her by going on some acid-sounding, higher-level, enlightened-bullshit speech about being a new Sarah, and how the fates aligned to bring her to where she is today so that she could bring healing. I was left feeling so much WTF’s, that it was like listening to the speech of a Conservative Republican crazy person. In the end, she announces that before fleeing the vampire facility months ago, an antidote to Hep V had been created, and she’d drunk it all, so that her blood was literally the healing serum for all vampires. Not just talking a bunch of bs, for the first time, she allows her sister to feed off her and, when Eric, Pam and the Yakuza show up on her doorstep, we find her Hep V symptoms completely gone???

Ok, let’s pause for a second. I understand that this a fictional show about supernatural creatures, and attempting to apply logic to it is just plain stupid, but let’s be stupid for a moment. How in the hot damn hell is this antidote still in her bloodstream? It isn’t like her DNA was imbibed with the antidote, causing her to continuously replicate it over time. She drank it! Which means that, although some of it, indeed, would have entered her bloodstream, the vast majority would have been expelled from her excretory system. And even if all of it had been absorbed by her blood vessels, when was the last time you heard of any medication lasting six months in someone’s system?

Anyscience101, all logic aside, this is a great (and hilarious) twist and I’m really into it. How ironic: the woman who caused all this death and devastation is literally the only one who can cure it. For the first time in forever, I don’t want this season to end. That being said, though, I’m already looking forward to the coming weeks! It’s a catch-twentyTrue (Blood). Get it? Yeah… I’m done.













2 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 “Karma”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. I agree with you on the Sarah-bloodstream-cure-all thing. I don’t quite get how it’s still hanging in her blood. Not to mention, if it hangs that long, couldn’t one vampire that’s cured just feed another vampire with Hep V and thus cure them? After all, it’s now sitting in THEIR bloodstream…

    *Suspending reality to enjoy the show*

    Anyway, the one thing you didn’t talk about was Bill killing the lawyer. Did that take you by surprise? I thought he was all non-assholey now that he’s drained of the Lilith blood. What the F?!

    And you nailed it with Rev Daniels. That guy is all kinds of shady. I specifically remember Tara yelling at her mother about how he was still married when they were having an affair. So…???


    1. Thank you!! Someone else sees logic!!

      You’re right, I didn’t mention that lawyer scene. I’m not sure how I skipped over that one. I actually agree with him all the way. I know there’s this stereotype about lawyers being unscrupulous and we’re all just always supposed to go along with it, but this woman was beyond disgusting! Ok, yeah, they’re vampires and it’s easy to not give them all your sympathy, but no one’s forcing you to work with them. So to try to stiff sick, dying people out of 10 million dollars?! This trick deserved far worse than what Bill dealt her… I thought he displayed impressive restraint (at least he tried glamouring it out of her first, that’s gotta count for something)


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