Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 “Orphaned”: My Unsolicited Review


I think Teen Wolf fell a notch this week. It wasn’t a bad episode. However, last week’s was just so good that this week seemed to fall short. I guess maybe it wasn’t so much that the episode fell, as much as my expectations were just a tad too high.

Violet, the female assassin who Scott defeated last week, was arrested and taken into custody. Her boyfriend, Garrett, obviously wanted her back, in addition to the money that Scott had found stashed in his locker. So, holding Liam as hostage in an impossibly deep well, he blackmails Scott into helping him hijack the armoured vehicle that would be used to transfer her location. For a while, it seemed that this was going to be the central conflict of the story, but not long into this scene, they’re all attacked by Kate’s Berserkers, and Garrett is killed as easily as you’d expect someone with his level of arrogance to. Unfortunately, Scott is also injured, but he obviously survives, thanks to the teamwork of Chris and Deaton (my heart cheered, seeing them all together).

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this money that Scott has found. Money has been a recurring theme this season. Obviously, it started with the theft of the Hales’ 117 million dollars. However, the writers have also been continually making mention of the fact that our main characters’ families are hard up this season. Stiles’ dad is unable to pay for Stiles’ temporary Eichen House visit, and he has the notices to prove it. Lydia’s parents are apparently going broke as well, hence the reason for them putting their lake house for sale. And now, last night, we see Scott’s mom in a similar situation. Although it has always been hinted that Melissa finds it difficult to do everything that needs to be done as a single mom on her nurse’s salary, last night’s Teen Wolf took it to a whole new level, with their power being cut off completely. We can, therefore, already foresee a possible huge payout at the end of this season… it may already have started with Scott’s acquisition of Garrett’s cash – who knows?

Now, so close to deciphering all three “deadpools” (ugh, with that name!), Stiles and Lydia are obsessed with discovering the third cypher key. They realise that they once again need assistance from Meredith, and so they turn to Deputy Parrish for help. During this time, they confide in him that his name had appeared on the second deadpool hit list. If we were hoping to find out what kind of supernatural creature he was (and of course we were), we were sorely disappointed, as neither of them told him why exactly he was one of the assassin’s targets. His amazement, though, that the bounty on his head was five million dollars was hilarious! Over at Eichen House, the three of them beseech Meredith for help, but the instituted banshee was even more difficult to get through to than usual, and she flat out refused to provide information, claiming that the Benefactor didn’t want her to. As Lydia and Stiles tried to persuade her to let them know who the Benefactor was, she became more and more agitated, until she let out an awesome banshee scream, which didn’t affect either Stiles or Parrish, but was so painful to Lydia that it literally made her ears bleed.

Kate has finally made another appearance! It turns out that she is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain control, and even she is on a hunt for the Benefactor. Is anyone else getting sick of hearing about this damn Benefactor? I don’t find it intriguing at all… just vastly irritating. Anyway, Chris, who has been on a hunt for Kate since we first saw him this season, finally found his sister, and we got a very one-sided showdown. After all, his gun and Scott’s goody-goody nature are no match for Kate’s viciousness, and two Berserkers. Although, to Kate’s credit, she did prevent one of the Berserkers from killing Chris, which shows that she still has a semblance of a grip on her humanity.

Last night’s shocker was indeed quite the shocker. Although the episode ended with Peter offering to help Kate control her new powers in exchange for “what [he’s] always wanted… power”, anyone who’s seen even one episode of this show knows that this is so in line with his character that there was nothing shocking about that. Instead, the shocker was the name that Lydia predicted… divined?… Bansheed? as the cypher key to the third hit list. While the first two names had been of past killed of characters (Allison, and then Aiden), Stiles suggested that this third name might be, not of someone who was already dead, but of someone who was going to die. Using this suggestion as inspiration, Lydia was able to tap into this power, revealing the third key to be: DEREK!

For this entire season, Derek has been struggling with the realisation that he’s losing his powers, and he’s becoming more and more human. This poses a serious vulnerability to him, and of course, this is in line with the show hinting at his impending mortality. However, there’s no way that the writers or producers of the show are going to allow this. The Teen Wolf fandom is going to go apeshit if this happens. They’re already only barely hanging on, knowing that “Sterek” is very likely never going to happen. To completely kill off Derek would pretty much be driving a nail into the coffin of Teen Wolf. That being said, it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got in store for us. Ah, I forgot to mention: Braeden, who, according to the Calaveras, had been missing for some time was found last night by Derek, alive but seriously injured.

Some good news: it was recently announced at comic-con that Teen Wolf has already been renewed for a fifth season, with a 20-episode total! Like they did with season three, this upcoming season will be split into two segments, so that should be awesome!







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