Sam Smith Releases Music Video for “I’m Not the Only One”

Not The Only One Agron Messina

British crooner, Sam Smith, has been making some pretty smart decisions for his single choices so far, at least in my opinion. The entire album, In the Lonely Hour, is really spectacular, but his first three singles are three of my absolute favourite tracks from the album.

Smith’s latest single is the heartbreaking “I Know I’m Not the Only One”, which sings of a message that far too many people are familiar with: the knowledge that your significant other is cheating on you, but your apparent inability to leave them in spite of it. The music video debuted this morning, and it stars Chris Messina and the gorgeous Diana Agron. It was really no surprise to me seeing Diana appear in the video. Shortly after In the Lonely Hour was first released, she’d tweeted out how much she loved the album, so it seems only natural that she’d be willing to lend her face to one of his projects if approached.

Unlike Sam’s last video for the track “Leave Your Lover”, in which the story revolved around him – prompting many to assume that it was a coming out story – this newest video only features Sam Smith as a secondary character, and focuses more on Diana and Chris. It is a well shot, and intense video, sexy and sad in equal parts. For over half the video, as well done as I thought it was, it seemed to me to be predictable and overdone, though. I mean, how many times have we seen this scene of a spurned housewife vengefully setting the belongings of her unfaithful husband on fire in their driveway/backyard/kitchen/bedroom/wherever before proudly marching away with two packed yet surprisingly light suitcases in her hands? The ending, I was pleased to find out, wasn’t quite so predictable, and it made the message of the song that much more powerful.

Allow me to be preachy for a moment (yes, yes, as usual, I know). We live in a society which teaches us that, to be considered whole or fulfilled, we must for some reason be one half of a couple. That is rubbish. Being in love is a wonderful thing, and being in a happy, healthy relationship is even better. However, being in a relationship merely for the appearance of being in a relationship does no one any good. We all know when a relationship isn’t working; sometimes the hints are quite subtle: like uncomfortable silences that occur every day, constant arguments or disagreement on future plans. Sometimes, the signs couldn’t be any clearer if they were flashing across the sky in neon letters every hour on the hours. Two of those signs are domestic violence and infidelity. If any of these is happening in your relationship, and you’re miserable about it, you can leave… you should leave! It doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it make you a failure. It makes you brave and wise, and your well-being and state of mind should come before the reparation of a relationship. Screw what those relationship advice books say… they’re all a bunch of crock anyway! If you’re staying with someone who makes you severely unhappy day after day, just because you’re afraid that you won’t find someone else who loves you like they do, or you’re scared of starting over, let me tell you this. Someone who loves you would not deliberately hurt you, so you be thankful if you find someone who doesn’t “love” you like they do! Secondly, starting over and being on your own aren’t quite the terrifying ordeal that rom-coms make it out to be. Actually, sometimes it’s quite for the best to be alone and re-evaluate your priorities and goals to know what’s best for you, and recognise those who keep you from achieving this. There are good people out there, I assure you, and if you open yourself to it, you will find one when it’s the right time.

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